10 Best Nostalgic Party Themes for Adults

80's party theme

Here at The Digi Dame Party Shoppe, we love a good party. And whilst our focus is most often on kids' parties, we know that the best kind of party is the party for everyone. Grown-ups like to party too! And we haven't forgotten you! 

We stock loads of party printables in themes that are fun for kids' parties, but also great for adults' parties. And so, we thought it was only fitting to share some party ideas with you for themes that are totally nostalgic for us big kids. So let's take a look at some great party themes for adults' parties.

80's party theme

80's Party

An 80's themed party is always a hit. One of our best-selling party themes, the 80's party is fun, bright and really easy to put together. 

There are literally hundreds of things you can do to make an 80's party exciting and unique. This party theme is ANYTHING but boring! 

You could host a generic 80's theme, or narrow it down to something more specific, such as 80's music, blockbuster movies or icons.

For example, you might like to host a Back to the Future or Indiana Jones party.  Your guests will be sure to love this era as the basis for a party theme idea. 

80's party invitation

For more ideas on hosting an 80's party, visit our article 5 Ideas for a Great 80's Party

See all of our 80's party printables

middle earth party supplies

Middle Earth Party

For the Tolkien fan, an unexpected party may be just the thing! A Middle Earth party theme will be loved by your party guests, remembered fondly for years to come and is such fun to plan and create. 

You might like to sweep your party guests off their feet and into an adventure! Take them into the magical world of Tolkien with a themed dinner party, fancy dress celebration or a movie marathon!

lotr party decorations

We have hundreds of Middle Earth party ideas for you! See our posts below:

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pop art party invitation

1950's Party

A 1950's themed party is always another favourite, and there are a few styles that you can choose from. Pop Art originated in the 1950's and it makes for a really fun 50's party theme, because it's a little different in the styling (it's also a great theme for a 60's party, as pop art really flourished during that decade). 

Our Pop Art party invitation as pictured above, can get you started. 

1950's sock hop party supplies

Another of our best-selling party themes, the 50's sock hop party is always popular. This theme allows for so much creativity! Think American-style diner, vinyl records, lots of dancing and cherry pop! 

Or, if the sock hop is not really your thing, you can always go with a 50's rockabilly theme. This one's a better option for the guys. 

1950's car party invitation

top gun party invitation

Top Gun Party

For those of us who still feel the need for speed, a Top Gun party theme is the only choice.  

With such iconic music, quotes and styling in the movie, this theme is easy to have fun with and can be adopted for any party occasion. Your guests would love a fancy dress Top Gun party! So don the aviator sunglasses and start flying!

hollywood party

cinema ticket printable invitation template

5. Hollywood Party

If you love the lights, cameras and action, perhaps a Hollywood party theme is perfect for your next party.

A generic Hollywood or cinema theme is really simple to effect, or you could opt to get a little more detailed with a specific Hollywood icons or era theme. 

You could host the party as a movie night, glamour red carpet event or a movie trivia night!

movie cinema party supplies

alice in wonderland party supplies

alice in wonderland printable party invitation

Alice in Wonderland Party

Wonderland is not just for kids! If you're an Alice fan (like Yours Truly), why not delve into a magical wonderland at your next party? Perfect for a tea party, an Alice in Wonderland party theme could be styled on the original book, the animated Disney movie, or the more recent live action movies. It gives you many styling options.  

The story of Wonderland is full to the brim with possibilities for a wonderful fantasy celebration!

alice in wonderland invitation template

See our Alice in Wonderland party for inspiration. 

cheshire cat invitation template

See our Alice in Wonderland party décor. 

gold glitter 30th birthday party invitation

1920's Party

Love the glamour of the roaring 20's? Then celebrate it with a party! The richness of the black and gold Art Deco styling makes for loads of glamour and dancing!

A dress up party is an absolute must with this theme. Your guests will love themes that include The Great Gatsby, Chicago, flapper party, speakeasy and jazz night.

1920's party theme

1920's party printable invitation template

harry potter party

harry potter party invitation template

Harry Potter

Another one for the geeks (like The Digi Dame) - if you're a Potterhead, you just can't go past a Harry Potter themed party! 

Your options are endless with this theme. Consider a fancy dress night and serve a Hogwarts-style feast or enjoy a relaxed movie marathon with themed snacks. Or if all of your party guests are fellow Potter fans, why not consider hosting a HP trivia night?

harry potter party supplies

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james bond casino party

James Bond/Casino Party

You would be hard-pressed to find someone who wouldn't love the idea of an elegant James Bond or Casino-themed party, even if they aren't a real Bond fan. 

You could also adapt this theme into a murder mystery theme or generic secret agent party.

james bond secret agent party invitation

breakfast at tiffany's party

Breakfast at Tiffany's Party

This party theme based on Audrey Hepburn's iconic movie role is very popular for bridal showers and women's birthday parties. The theme is centred around the iconic jewellery brand, with it's famous duck-egg blue and white ribboned gift boxes. 

For this party theme, keep elegance and extravagance in mind. It works beautifully incorporated into a champagne breakfast or tea party. Your guests might like to dress up a little for this one too. 50's Hollywood glamour is perfect!

See our coordinating Tiffany party décor.

So, that's our 10 nostalgic party themes for adults! We hope that these adults' party ideas provide you with some inspiration for hosting your next celebration for the big kids! 

If you would like to get started by partying with us, we're here to help.

Get started with our printable party invitations!

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Happy Partying!


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