9 Ingenious Kids' Party Hacks You Can't Live Without

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Planning a children's party is loads of fun for the kids and even more LOADS of work for the adults! But don't fret because we're here to help. Here are nine very simple but ingenious party hacks to make your kids' party hosting just that much easier!

ice cream sundae bar party

1. Early Dessert Bar

If you dislike the idea of serving a large birthday party cake, why not set up a self-serve dessert bar? Kids absolutely love decorating their own desserts!

You can prepare the desserts early by creating individual servings of undecorated cupcakes, ice cream scoops or sundaes and placing into cups or mason jars before freezing or refrigerating if required. 

Prepare bowls or jars of various sprinkles, chocolate chips or lollies with serving spoons and bring it all out when you are ready to serve. Then sit back and let the kids enjoy their delicious creativity. 

bubble wand party favors

2. Party Favors

Avoid those dreaded (and sometimes pricey) "goody bags" filled to the brim with nasty sugary sweets and cheap toys for the kids, and give party favors that they will actually love (and use) without breaking the bank. 

A single gift for each guest will likely be put to better use than a bag of mixed ones. 

A simple bubble wand makes a wonderful party gift for younger kids. Simply add a personalised tag with a string of ribbon and you're done! 

Alternatively, for something more unique, choose party favors that tie in with your party theme. Some examples are below:

  • sports party: sports balls
  • pool party: beach balls
  • princess party: tiaras/crowns
  • fairy party: fairy wings/wands
  • knight/pirate party: foam swords
  • farmer market party: seeds packets
  • speedway party: toy cars
  • art party: crayons/pencils
  • superhero party: capes/masks
  • monster party: slime

You get the idea!

ice cream party

3. No-Drip Waffle Cones

Prevent messy drips from ice cream cones by pushing a mini marshmallow into the cone tips before filling with ice cream scoops. 

medieval knight party lunch

4. Easy Lunches

For easy party catering, prep kids' party lunches before the party in individual boxes. Pre-fill them with a sandwich, wrap or burger with a drink and snack. 

By labelling them with each child's name, you can avoid any allergy emergencies  as well. 

And the best thing? Less washing up afterward!

temporary tattoo

5. Instant Art

There's no need to hire a face painter or attempt it yourself when there's an easier way. Hold a temporary tattoo station at your party, with no artistry skills required!

Simply have your tattoos pre-cut on a table with a bowl or bucket of warm water handy to apply the ink instantly without any mess!

pool party

6. Smart Theme

To save on time and money, avoid choosing a party theme that means a load of shopping for supplies, and go with a theme that works around what you already have. 

For example, if you have a backyard pool, host a pool party. If your child loves art and already has a lot of supplies, host an art themed event. 

If your kids love a particular character and own lots of those character toys, use the toys to decorate your party with that character theme. 

kids party music

7. Make a playlist

Music is great for creating atmosphere at any party. Kids parties are no exception. You don't want to be worrying about the music at the last minute, so preparing a kid-friendly playlist ahead of time will be a godsend on the party day. A music app such as Spotify is a perfect solution for this. 

You'll want to create a playlist that’s long enough to avoid repeating any songs at the party, so make sure it will last the duration of the event. It is recommended to choose a few top hits that your kids will love, perhaps include some Disney favorites, songs from your child's favourite movies and you should be good to go. 

movie night party


8. Hollywood Helps

For easy party hosting with no need for party games or activities, host a movie night party and/or sleepover. 

Consider a movie marathon and the screen does all of your entertaining for you!

toy story cake

9. Toys are a Charm

For easy cake decorating, use your child's toys. I have often bought my kids new toys for their birthday gifts and used these to decorate their birthday cakes. 

This gives the kids a double-surprise - an awesome cake and new toys to play with! 


I hope these clever tips help you to more quickly and easily plan your kids birthday parties! For more tips on planning your parties, see some of our other articles below:

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Happy Partying!

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