101 Harry Potter Party Ideas, Part One

Need to cast a magic spell for your next party? Perhaps we can help by providing a little inspiration on hosting a DIY Harry Potter party!

So, let's begin the magic with 101 Harry Potter Party Ideas! We'll be continuing this theme in the coming weeks, so stay tuned!

1. Let Them Eat Cake

harry potter cakeL
Entice your Hogwarts staff and students with a Harry Potter themed party cake!  The above cake was made by yours truly a few years back (my cake decorating skills have improved slightly since then).

Here are some beautiful (and much more professional) examples we found on Pinterest, for inspiration:

2. Platform 9 3/4 Brick Wall

101 Harry Potter Party Ideas Part OneL

Excite your guests with an authentic entrance! DIY this brick wall mural by applying red paint to an old sheet or tablecloth using a sponge. See the tutorial

3. Magical Photo Booth

harry potter partyM
Have fun with a themed photo booth! Find some great ideas here.

For a whole heap of FREE photo booth printables, click here.

4. Mandrake Cupcakes

101 Harry Potter Party Ideas Part OneM
5. DIY Wands

harry potter partyM
6. Potion Bottles

7. Butterbeer

harry potter partyM
Celebrate in the spirit of the Three Broomsticks with this Butterbeer recipe here.

8. DIY Hogwarts Seal Stamp

harry potter party ideasL

To add an element of authenticity to your party invitations and decorations, you can DIY this seal stamp with the tutorial provided here.



9. Party Printables


harry potter printable party invitation


Quick, easy and affordable, Party Printables by The Digi Dame Party Shoppe can be found for your Harry Potter party here. They are editable, which means that some of the text can be personalized, making your party one-of-a-kind!

editable printable harry potter hogwarts party invitations decorations



10. Golden Snitch Cake Pops

golden snitch cake popsL
They open at the close. And they're delicious. Get the recipe and instructions here.

11. Ministry of Magic Staff Entrance

FREE Construction party sign printable by The Digi DameM
We flush ourselves in. It's bloody disgusting.

12. Great Hall Floating Candles DIY

floating candles DIYL



No, the ceiling is not bewitched - these candles have been carefully crafted here.



13. House Banners Printables


101 Harry Potter Party Ideas Part OneL


You can win the House Cup when  you can download these banner printables totally free, here.


14. Drink Labels


101 Harry Potter Party Ideas Part OneL


Don't let your guests choke on Polyjuice Potion! You can download these drink label printables totally free, and follow the full tutorial here.


15. Hogwarts House Cake


101 Harry Potter Party Ideas Part OneL



Keep this one from Crabbe and Goyle! To learn how to make this cake, and download the free printables to go with it, click here.


16. Broomstick Favor Bags


101 Harry Potter Party Ideas Part OneM


You'll be a fair flyer when every witch and wizard receives one of these gifts! See the tutorial here.


17. Decorate Great




Let the feast begin! We hope you find inspiration from these images of party Great Halls!


18. Decorate the Fireplace



Don't go a grade too far - get it right with these fun and easy ideas.



19. Felt House Ties


101 Harry Potter Party Ideas Part OneM


Tied in a knot? Get the tutorial for these DIY ties and other party ideas here.



20. Polyjuice Potion Punch


101 Harry Potter Party Ideas Part OneM



You and your little friends can brew Polyjuice Potion, straight from the stores of Professor Snape, with the full tutorial here.


21. Remember Moaning Myrtle


101 Harry Potter Party Ideas Part OneM



Who would ever want to talk to ugly, miserable, moping, moaning Myrtle? Your guests will have no choice with this funny idea!


22. Cheese and Pretzel Broomsticks


101 Harry Potter Party Ideas Part OneM



Your guests can fly their Nimbus 2000 and eat it too, with the full tutorial on making these treats here.



And with that, we'd better fly too.


We hope that you have been inspired by Part One of our Harry Potter Party Ideas 101! Stay tuned for the next instalment!

See Part Two here.


Until next time, keep practising your charms as best you can!




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