101 Ideas for the Perfect Princess Party - Part Two

pink princess party girl

For a princess, only a royal celebration will do! We've covered 50 ideas for the perfect princess party in Part One of our 101 list. And now it's time to look at the next 51. So let's get started!

pink gold princess cake

51. Layered Cake.

Isn't this cake simply stunning? The epitome of elegance with metallic gold detail, gems and roses, this cake and princess party can be seen at Pretty My Party. 

princess party cups

52. Cuppa, anyone?

These cute babycino cups are simple to make and are so adorable! See the recipe and tutorial at Pampered Princess.

princess dessert buffet

53. Make Arrangements.

Look at this gorgeous dessert table. Note how the items on the table all coordinate together and seem to fit perfectly. So how do we achieve that?

  • Choose items that fit within your party's colour scheme. They don't all have to be the same colour, but they should fit within a limited palette. 
  • Set items at different heights. Taller items at the back of the table and shorter items at the front. 
  • Use platforms to raise items at the back of the table. Use several layers if desired.
  • The cake is the main feature of a dessert table, so if required, raise it on a tall cake stand, box  or platform to make it stand out. It is best placed in the centre of the table if you want it to stand out the most. 
Not every item needs to be food. Add decorations as well to beautify the display. 

princess party favor bags

54. DIY Favor Bags.

Aren't these princess gown bags gorgeous? Made from a plain paper bag, these DIY bags can be made with the tutorial on YouTube.

princess cake

55. Bits & Bobs.

This stunning cake displayed at Kara's Party Ideas shows that you can easily dress up any cake with some simple decorations. A tulle bow and princess tiara add extra sparkle to this gorgeous sweet. 

princess party ideas

56. More Bits & Bobs.

In the same play, plain party items such as jars and cutlery, even food items, can be dressed up by adding ribbon, gems, charms and just about anything else that you can dream up to make them extra special. 

pink princess party cupcakes

57. Let them Dress Cake.

Even a plain cake or cupcakes can be quickly updated by adorning with sprinkles, edible pearls and cupcake toppers.  

princess party ideas

58. All in the Presentation.

Even on a budget, you can achieve beautiful results with your party décor. Your little princess may already own items that you can use in decorating your princess party. 

Consider adding her dolls and toys that  match your theme and colour scheme to your party room - they make excellent party decorations!

Also include any of her princess dress-up items such as tiaras, dresses and magic wands. Strategically placed within your other party décor, these items look wonderful at parties. 

princess party food

59. Still in the Presentation.

As shown here by Kara's Party Ideas your princess party food can be styled beautifully with a little effort. By carefully choosing the food containers, your presentation can make all the difference in creating a magnificent royal banquet. 

Small details such as adding a gemmed tiara or wrapping cakes in pretty paper adds extra charm and style to your party food.  

beauty and the beast party cake banner

60. Show off with a Banner.

For a quick, easy and inexpensive way to dress up a party cake, go with a cake banner! You can purchase one premade or make your own.

We offer printable cake banners with some of our party packs, such as the Beauty Princess one shown above.  

Simply print off, cut out the banner and glue or tape it to one or two skewers, which you push into the top of your cake and voila! you're done.

cake toppers

61. Top it Off.

Similar to a cake banner, cake toppers are a wonderful way to dress up a party cake that is missing something a little extra.

Using cake toppers is quick, easy and really cheap, but looks beautiful. You can purchase cake toppers already made. They can be really inexpensive premade, but custom ones can be costly. 

Alternatively you can opt to make your own. Decorative card stock or paper is perfect - cut out your shapes and stick to pretty paper straws and your toppers are ready to go! 

The printable cupcake toppers from our decorations packs are not limited to cupcakes - you could use these in the same way.

princess party cake pops

62. Party Goes Pop.

If you're looking for an alternative to a large party cake or cupcakes, consider serving cake pops instead. They're cute and easy to eat. How you decorate them is limited only by your imagination (and time available of course).

The images above show come fun ideas for inspiration.

princess party cake popsicles

63. Popsicle Pretty.

If cake pops are not really big enough for your gathering, but you want something different to cupcakes, try cake popsicles! 

They're delicious, cute and kids absolutely love them!

princess birthday cake

64. Cake it to Me.

Here is another cake decorating idea as shown from Catch My Party

princess party mason jars

65. Leave it a Jar.

If you love mason jars, you'll like these ideas. Mason jars make great tableware for parties. You can use them in practical way, to serve food and drinks, or party essentials such as napkins, straws or cutlery.

Alternatively, you can use mason jars purely for party decoration and paint them with metallic paint, chalk paint or even glitter with amazing results.

princess party cutlery

66. Classy Cutlery.

Gold or silver cutlery at your princess party adds a touch of class. If you prefer to not use your real silverware, try using the reusable plastic varieties. 

cinderella slipper

67. If the Shoe Fits.

If you're hosting a party with a Cinderella theme, slippers like the one shown above make delightful party decorations. 

Available for purchase at many party supplies stores, these glass slippers (which are really just plastic) can be used to store party sweet treats or given to party guests as favors. 

princess party hat

68. Fancy Hats.

Crowns and tiaras not your thing? That's okay. You can dress up plain paper party hats by adding streamers made with ribbon or curling ribbon, as shown in the image above. 

princess party activities

69. Jewel in the Crown.

To keep little princes and princesses busy at your celebration, why not get them to decorate their own crown, as seen from The Overwhelmed Mommy.

You can use pre-bought party crowns or make your own with card stock. Provide the children with stick on gems for easy decorating for little hands (and no mess!). 

princess crown pinata

70. Another Jewel in the Crown.

Also seen from The Overwhelmed Mommy is this gorgeous crown piñata. Wow!

princess party garland

71. Gorgeous Garland.

Look at this lovely party garland. Isn't it sweet? It's easy to make too. Simply tie strips of tissue paper, fabric or wide ribbon onto a string and add curling ribbon. That's it!

princess drip cake

72. Dripping Glamour.

Also seen from The Overwhelmed Mommy is this stunning princess drip cake.

princess party backgrounds

73. Backdrop to Beautiful.

Backdrops are a common feature of modern day parties. They provide big impact on feature walls and behind dessert tables. 

Our editable and printable backdrops can be downloaded instantly and are a very affordable option to beautiful party backdrops. 

purple princess party

74. Purple, not Pink.

Are you a bit over the pink and gold princess parties? Kara's Party Ideas provides us with a stunning theme in purple and silver for inspiration.

disney princess cake

75. Still not Pink.

And something else that's not pink. I love the rosette buttercream piping on this Disney Princess themed cake. 

star cookie

76. Wave it Around and Eat It.

For the princess who wants to wave her wand and eat it too, this star wand cookie from Mimi's Dollhouse is perfect. I love this!

princess party wand

77. Bippity Boppity Boo.

For a wand that you can't eat but is just as cute, dress up a store-bought or handmade wand with pretty ribbon strips. 

mint and gold princess party

78. This is Mint and Pure Gold.

For a colour scheme that is fresh and still beautifully girly, see this lovely setting by The Party Parlour

party marshmallow pops

79. Sweet Treat.

Too much cake? Omit the bakes and opt for marshmallow pops instead. They look amazing decorated with melted chocolate and sprinkles as shown in the above picture. 

princess party

80. Tiny Table.

I love this idea shared by Bird's Party. For a small gathering, set a small table for the princesses to dine at and place the celebration cake at the centre. 

princess wand sandwich


81. Wand Wonder.

Also by Bird's Party, create a cute wand sandwich as shown above. 

princess crown printable wall canopy

82. The Crown.

Our printable wall crown can be used as a flat wall decoration, or with its curved shape can be molded to sit out from the wall in a three-dimensional canopy. 

It is a very affordable option for your party if you love the look of 3D canopies but your budget simply doesn't allow for one. 

You can find the A0 sized crown printable at our online shop.

pink princess party cake


83. The Quick Cake.

This princess cake is beautiful but simple to achieve using store-bought meringues, marshmallows and cookies to decorate it. 

Consider using lollies and chocolates that match the colour scheme to quickly and easily decorate a DIY cake. 

easy princess cake


84. The Easy Cake.

Learn how to make this easy princess cake at Smart Party Planning.

tablecloth backdrop

85. Better Backdrop.

Learn how to make this easy and cheap party backdrop from plastic tablecloths at Smart Party Planning.

princess party games


86. Royal Games.

Play Pin the Gem on the Crown as shown here at Betty Crocker

princess party photos


87. Princess Shoot.

For beautiful princess party photos, set up an area dedicated for this purpose. Here are some ideas for creating a photo scene:


  • Add an ornate photo frame
  • Use a backdrop of soft curtains or canopy and pillows
  • Include a plush floor rug
  • Set up large vases filled with flowers  
  • Use a decorated chair
  • Include themed soft toys and balloons
  • Dress ups and props
  • Fairy lights


princess party themes

88. Princess Themes.

As shown at Idea Stand, you don't have to stick with a traditional princess party theme. There are many other creative ways to celebrate:


  • Princess and the Frog
  • Enchanted Forest 
  • Shabby Chic Princess
  • Beauty and the Beast  
  • Swan Princess
  • Vintage Princess
  • Princess Tea Party
  • Fairy Princess
  • Butterfly Princess
  • Snow Princess
  • Tangled
  • Brave


printable princess party crown wall decoration

89. Her Crown.

Our printable wall crown decoration is designed as a flat wall decoration, perfect for party rooms.

Simply print on an A0 size backdrop, cut it out and adhere to the wall as desired.

You can find it for purchase at our online shop.

princess party

90. Abigail's Party.

This party is simply WOW. A must-see. See Abigail's ultimate princess party at 100 Layer Cake-Let.

princess parlor

91. Hire Out.

Hiring entertainers can be a great option for a princess party. You can hire princess characters, costumes, props, a jumping castle or even a parlour like this one.

princess confetti party

92. Beautiful and Bright.

If pretty and brightly coloured is your style, then you'll love this beautiful party

balloon turrets

93. Balloons!

Balloons are the most versatile party decorations. These balloon castle turrets make for an outstanding party entrance.   

butterfly cake

94. Butterfly Beauty.

For an enchanted forest princess party, add lovely butterflies to your party décor, even the celebration cake. Flowers and butterflies are the perfect combination. 

princess cake pops


95. Beautyful Roses.

Aren't these rose cake pops adorable? I just love them. You can find out how to make them at Flour Arrangements.

rapunzel party food


96. Rapunzel Cakes.

These Rapunzel Tower Cupcakes are awesome. You can find out how to make them at Bird on A Cake.



97. Princess Play.

The Spruce provides some great examples of princess party games for inspiration.


princesses party

 98. Big and Little Girls.

Host an inclusive princess party with the big girls too! A mother and daughter princess party is a lovely idea. 

garden princess party


99. Outdoor Princess.

Host a princess party outside with a garden princess theme. Include lots of flowers, butterflies and enchanted forest items for a pretty theme.

princess tea party


100. Princesses to Tea.

See Blakely's gorgeous princess tea party at Pizzazzerie. Absolutely love! 

princess cake


101. Cake Inspo.

Living Locurto has some more princess party cake ideas for us.


Well, we have reached our 101 princess party ideas! I hope this article has really helped you with some princess party inspiration.

Please let me know how it has helped you - I would love to hear how you went with your party!

And finally, I hope that at the end of your princess party, you don't resemble something like this poor tired princess...

tired princess

Happy Partying!


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