99 Lolly-Free Goodie-Bag Fillers for your Kids' Parties

99 Lolly-Free Goodie-Bag Fillers for your Kids PartiesXL


And when your child comes home from the party with a major sugar rush, resulting from a dangerous mix of fun, cake, and goodie-bag lollies? The party never ends.


Every parent's nightmare is their already-hyper son or daughter being sent home with a bag choc-full of even MORE sweets after a party.


Here at The Digi Dame Party Shoppe, we're passionate about parties. So we've put together a list of 99 lolly-free, candy-free, hyperactivity-free goodie bag ideas for you, right here! Our list runs from small and inexpensive goodies, to higher-quality gifts, so every budget is catered for.


Let's chat about how you can avoid the candies-come-down disaster for you and your party guests, by giving fun party bags without the sugar! 




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The guests you've invited to your party may largely influence the kind of goody bags or party favours that you give them. Consider the childrens' ages and interests, when choosing what to fill your bags with.

Whether you’d like to make up a little bag, favour box or a single gift for your party guests, below are 99 ideas to fill them. We've split them up into categories to make things easier.

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  1. stickers
  2. notebook
  3. play dough
  4. putty
  5. goo
  6. pencils
  7. pencil topper
  8. textas/markers
  9. eraser
  10. crayons
  11. colouring in book
  12. activity book
  13. stamps
  14. mini paint set
  15. beads kit
  16. cookie cutters
  17. mini chalkboard
  18. chalk
  19. mini magna-doodle
  20. mini easel
  21. mini craft kit
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Activity and Novelty
  1.  bubbles
  2. party blower
  3. silly straw
  4. novelty drinking cup
  5. balloon
  6. small book
  7. bookmark
  8. marbles
  9. whoopee cushion
  10. kite
  11. plant pot and seeds
  12. glow in the dark stickers
  13. themed activity e.g. magic trick or juggling balls
  14. terrarium
  15. 3D glasses
kids party ideasM
  1. harmonica
  2. maracas
  3. castanet
  4. kazoo
  5. mini drum
  6. recorder
  7. triangle
  8. xylophone
  9. tambourine
  10. CD
99 Lolly-Free Goodie-Bag Fillers for your Kids PartiesXL
  1. building blocks
  2. pinwheel
  3. kaleidoscope
  4. mini skateboard
  5. slinky
  6. puppet
  7. finger puppets
  8. novelty whistle
  9. yo-yo
  10. plush toy
  11. spinning top
  12. matchbox car
  13. themed toy to match party theme e.g. unicorn, pirate ship, racing car, princess tiara etc
  14. coin purse
99 Lolly-Free Goodie-Bag Fillers for your Kids PartiesXL
  1. playing cards
  2. mini board game
  3. mini puzzle
99 Lolly-Free Goodie-Bag Fillers for your Kids PartiesM
  1. bouncy ball
  2. Frisbee
  3. skipping rope
  4. bath toys
  5. punch balloon
kids goody bags partyXL
  1. beach ball
  2. novelty sunglasses
  3. water gun
  4. water balloons
  5. pool toy
  6. beach toy
  7. coloured zinc cream
  8. hat
  9. flip flops
party bag fillersL
  1. temporary tattoo
  2. glow stick/jewellery
  3. wrist band
  4. plastic jewellery
  5. t-shirt
  6. themed dress-up item e.g. fairy wings/wand or pirate eye patch or face mask
  7. key ring
  8. charm
  9. socks
  10. pillow case
  11. kid's apron
  12. bandana
  13. water bottle
party bag fillersXL
  1. nail polish
  2. nail art
  3. hair ties
  4. hair clip
  5. bath bubbles
  6. magic face washer
  7. lip gloss/lip balm
  8. bath bombs
  9. soap crayons
So rather than filling party bags with sweets, why not try some of our suggestions made here? A combination of any of these ideas would make some great party bags! We hope these ideas have inspired you!

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