Craft Supplies You Need for Party Printables

Police Party Printables by The Digi DameXL

If you have recently purchased a party printables pack from
The Digi Dame Party Shoppe, you could be forgiven for feeling a little overwhelmed.

With so many beautiful decorations to print, cut and assemble, where do you start? There is no need to feel lost, because we've got you covered.

Let's explore some tips on what you need to make your partly planning quick and easy!


We recommend printing your party printables on heavy duty paper with a paper weight of at least 170gsm.You can choose to print on heavy duty photo paper, brochure paper, or bright white card stock.

Invitations and printable decor are best printed on 110lb/300gsm weight. Envelopes are best printed on 60-70lb/90-100gsm weight. If you are on a budget, envelopes can be printed onto plain old regular white printer/computer paper, which is at a weight of 80gsm. A thinner paper like this is fine to effectively and easily fold and assemble envelopes, as well as pinwheels and bags.

Photo paper can be a great paper option, particularly for printable invitations. Matte photo paper or glossy photo paper is fine, depending on your preference. Colours tend to print more vibrantly on photo paper compared to card stock.


You can turn any of our party printables into stickers or labels, if you print them onto sticker label paper. To do so, you will need to use full page sheets, as opposed to pre-cut label paper, as our designs are not formatted for labels. Once you print, you can trim out (or punch out) the designs.


Construction Party Printables by The Digi DameXL


A trusty pair of scissors is absolutely fine to trim out your Digi Dame party printables. However, if the thought of manually cutting a straight line terrifies you, you can use a paper trimmer or guillotine. A paper trimmer is much faster and provides cleaner results compared to scissors, but either piece of equipment will get the job done.


Any simple hole punch is very useful for punching holes in the tops of Banners, Bunting Pennant Flags, Cutouts and Favor Tags.

A 2″ circular punch is also extremely useful to easily and accurately cut out Cupcake Toppers/Party Circles.  If you don't have one and it is not in your budget/time constraints to purchase one,  you can also successfully cut them out manually.



Some of our party printables require assembly using glue or tape. Tape is much quicker and easier to use than glue, and tends to hold better and for longer.

Double-sided tape is a great option if you have it, but any old sticky tape will suffice, if your budget is limited. You can of course use staples (they are particularly helpful to seal favor bags) but this is not recommended if it poses a safety risk to young children.


Potter Party Invitation by The Digi DameXL

Some items, such as Banners and Favor Tags, will require ribbon or string for assembly. It is particularly nice to coordinate the colors with your printables and party theme. We find that good old curly ribbon for gift-wrapping works well and is economical, as it can be purchased in large rolls in a variety of colors.


Skewers and wooden sticks are very helpful in assembling some of our party printables and decorating with them - a few examples of which follow below:


  • Attach toothpicks or lollipop sticks to cupcake toppers, and stick into the tops of cupcakes

  • Wrap mini flags around toothpicks and stick into food items

  • Large lollipop sticks or skewers can be used to display table signs or welcome signs

There are many other options for decorating with party printables from The Digi Dame Party Shoppe; I am sure you will be able to come up with your own creative ideas!


Car Racing Party Invitation by The Digi DameXL



If you wish to use the favor treat bag toppers that come with some of our party printables packs, you may need to invest in some small paper or plastic bags to use them with.



Some of our party printables, such as favor boxes, require some folding in order to assemble. There are a few tips to help with folding paper, to give you a crisp and more accurate fold:


  • Using a ruler

  • Run a blunt knife (a butter knife is ideal) along a ruler on the fold line

  • Use a paper trimmer with a scoring blade


We hope this information helps you to assemble your Digi Dame Party Shoppe Printables quickly and easily. 

Further tutorials are here.

For more party printables, visit our Online Shop or Etsy Shop. In the meantime, enjoy preparing and celebrating your special occasion!


Kind Regards,

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