Creative Tips for using Our Party Printables

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In this short article, we share some quick tips for using party printables from
The Digi Dame Party Shoppe and getting the most out of your party decor with The Digi Dame!

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Because you can print as many copies of your printables as you like, you have the option of using them for multiple uses.Following are some examples.
Banner and Bunting flags can be used to:
  • hang on walls
  • decorate dessert tables
  • decorate the backs of chairs
  • be a collective banner containing your personal message (such as Happy Birthday or Congratulations)
  • be used as individual flags.
Cupcake Toppers can also:
  • decorate treat bags
  • dress up favor boxes
  • be tossed as table decorations
  • be stuck onto special prizes or gifts
  • be printed on sticker or label paper
Favor Tags can easily be used in similar ways.
Colour Pages can be interchangeable with Placemats. Placemats can be used as wall signs, and vice versa.
Cupcake Wrappers could also be used to:
  • wrap cups
  • decorate ice cream/youghurt tubs
  • label other items
Drink bottle/Cup Labels can also double as:
  • Napkin Rings
  • Cutlery Wraps
  • tub labels
Favor Bag Toppers and Food Tent Labels can double in the same way.
Mini Flags can be attached to:
  • drinking straws
  • toothpicks/skewers to decorate party food
  • ribbon/string to create tags
Coordinating Paper can be used in multiple ways to create your own decorations. The only limit is your imagination!
Party Hats and Party Cones can be interchangeable.
Popcorn Boxes can double as favor boxes, or to hold other party items.
Wall signs and Welcome Signs can be used as centerpieces or other decorations when attached to string or skewers.

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If you would like for your party guests to keep their printables, there are steps you can take to increase durability. Ideas are as follows:

Placemats, masks, photo props and more can be laminated to use on the day, or simply give as party favors.

And after they have been colored, Coloring Pages can also be laminated as a simple gift to remember the day.

You may want to laminate ID Cards/VIP Passes as well for longevity. Alternatively, gift them in plastic card covers. They make wonderful party favors!

You can waterproof your Drink Bottle/Cup Labels quickly, easily and economically by covering them with clear adhesive contact paper or sticker paper before adding them to your drinks.

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I hope these tips help you to make the most of your celebrations with The Digi Dame Party Shoppe!

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