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Have questions about our party printables shop and our products? Here at The Digi Dame Party Shoppe, we've got your questions (and your parties!) covered.

Below are the answers to our most frequently asked questions.


What are DIY party printables?

Party printables are different to traditional party stationery. Party printables are digital files that you download to your computer and print yourself, onto the paper or card stock of your choice.

All products from The Digi Dame Party Shoppe are do-it-yourself digital files. These files are in high resolution PDF format, which is compatible with Mac & PC computers. Files are opened and edited using Adobe Acrobat Reader. You can personalise the files yourself by adding your own text before you print.

No physical Item is shipped. All items sold are digital files that you EDIT & PRINT yourself.

Personalisation is available as an additional purchase, for invitations and backdrops only.

To enjoy your Digi Dame Party Shoppe party printables and make your party easy:

  • PURCHASE from our Online Shop

  • DOWNLOAD the files you receive via link/email to your computer

  • EDIT & SAVE your files using the latest version of Adobe Acrobat Reader (if editing is required)

  • PRINT your files at home or via a professional printing service that accepts PDF files

An instructional booklet is included with each purchase to assist you in using our party printables.


Do you offer custom

Due to time constraints, unfortunately The Digi Dame Party Shoppe cannot offer custom orders, or custom variations on designs. We do offer text personalisation only for invitations and backdrops. This is available as a separate purchase.


Is personalisation included?

Personalisation (adding your party details) of the text is not included with your product purchase. However, we do offer a personalisation service with the purchase of an invitation and the purchase of a backdrop.

If you require personalisation on an invitation or a backdrop, you can purchase personalisation as an additional purchase, to have your text added for you.

See our personalisation products to purchase.

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What are your copyright rules?

You have the printing rights and can print as many copies of each printable as you want, for PERSONAL USE ONLY.

All Digi Dame designs are for Personal Use Only. You may not forward, share, sell or re-distribute any Digi Dame files.

All files are strictly for non-commercial use only. © Copyright 2018 The Digi Dame. All Rights Reserved.

All Digi Dame purchases are non-refundable due to the nature of the digital products sold.

Please contact us for more information.


How do I make a purchase?

SELECT your Digi Dame Party Shoppe Products via our Online Shop and add them to your Shopping Cart. Payment is made at checkout.

All payments are made via PayPal or credit card. All Prices are quoted in AUD {Australian Dollars}.

Your purchases will be made available to you after your payment has been processed.

How do I download my purchases?

After Checkout you will be immediately be directed to our Thank You Page, that will contain your download links. Download the files to your computer and save them immediately.

NOTE: Files must be downloaded to a Mac or PC desktop or laptop computer. Files CANNOT be used on tablets, smartphones or other devices.

You will also receive an email containing download links.


What software do I need?

Nothing fancy or complicated! PDF files will only work in the latest version of Adobe Reader, which is Adobe Reader DC.

You can download the latest version for FREE here: http://get.adobe.com/reader

Full instructions are included with all purchases.

Do files work on a MAC or mobile devices?

Files will work on a Mac, in Adobe Acrobat Reader only. They will not work in the default Mac PDF viewer called Preview.

Files do not work on mobile devices such as phones or tablets. You must download files to your laptop or computer & open them in Adobe Acrobat Reader.

How do I open zipped files?

Some files are compressed into .zip format. To 'Unzip' your files you must do the following:

MAC USERS - Simply double click on the .zip file to unzip and open your files.

PC USERS - You must 'Right-click' on the downloaded .zip file and select 'Extract' to unzip and open your files.

An instruction booklet is included with every purchase.

How do I open PDF files?

To open PDF files, you MUST use the latest version of Adobe Acrobat Reader (Version DC). Earlier versions of the Adobe Reader Software do not allow the Editing & Saving.

NO OTHER PROGRAM can be used to open our Editable PDF files. You MUST use ADOBE READER DC.

All Fonts & Colours are embedded in our files. When opened correctly in the latest version of Adobe Reader, your file should look just like the examples you have seen online.

Full instructions on using our party printables are included in all purchases.

How do I open JPG files?

Some files provided are in JPG format, because they DO NOT have editable text.

To open JPG files, simply double click on the file and your computer will open the default picture viewer, such as Mac Preview or Windows Photo Gallery.

You CANNOT open JPG files using Adobe Acrobat Reader.

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Can I edit fonts, colours, graphics, sizes or language?

No. Only editable text can be changed. Adobe Acrobat Reader won't allow you to change any colours, graphics, backgrounds, patterns, fonts, sizes, position etc.

Files can only be printed at their original specified size and not at a larger size, or the high resolution will be lost.

All files & fonts are in editable ENGLISH and cannot be typeset/edited in another language.

How can I save my files?

To save your files with Mac or PC using Adobe Acrobat Reader simply select the Save Option from the FILE Menu.

You can then SAVE your designs to a flash drive or upload to a printing service that accepts PDF files to have your items printed professionally.

Full instructions are included with every purchase.


Where can I print my files?

When using Adobe Acrobat Reader you have the option to print at home, at your local print store or by uploading your saved files to an online printing service that accepts PDF files. You cannot print PDF files at photo labs or online photo shops because these places will only accept JPEG files.

Even when online printing services say they accept PDF files, some customers experience issues with the files uploading as blank files. Therefore some online printers may not be suitable.

How do I print at home?

PAPER TYPE: We recommend bright white card stock which is 170gsm in weight or heavier. This ensures a professional finish. For envelopes, bags & pinwheels, regular (80gsm) printer paper works best.

PRINTER SETTINGS: Your files are formatted on 8x11inch sheets. This is designed to suit both US Letter & A4 size paper.

  • US LETTER PAPER: Simply allow your printer to Print the file in the center with the ‘Actual Size’ option.

  • A4 PAPER: Simply allow your printer to Print the file centered with the ‘Actual Size’ option.

NOTE: Make sure your printer is set to Print the ‘Actual Size’ setting in Adobe Reader. DO NOT print your items to ‘Fit’ to page or this can alter the look & size of your printed files dramatically.

How do I print with a professional printer?

Some Professional Printers require permission from the designer/owner of digital files protected under Copyright Law before they will allow you to print. Please feel free to download our Copyright Release Form if required. You will find the link at the base of our Terms and Conditions page.

All graphics used by The Digi Dame are in the public domain and are royalty free to the best of our knowledge. The Digi Dame does not condone the practice of re-selling licensed images of any kind, or breaching copyright under any circumstances.

The Digi Dame takes no responsibility for professional printers who refuse to print our products. We have done our best to ensure our products are not infringing copyright, however cannot guarantee that all professional print stores will agree to print our digital files. We will not provide refunds or compensation for any issues that may arise in regard to Copyright issues.

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What supplies do I need?

You may need the following to cut out and assemble your printables:

  • scissors

  • glue, sticky tape or staples

  • ribbon or string for banners, bunting and favour tags

  • lollipop sticks or toothpicks for cupcake toppers and flags

  • a hole punch may be handy for favour tags and assembling banners

What are the product dimensions?

Approximate dimensions of each product (as printed) are listed below. Note that there are some slight size variations where designs differ.​

NOTE: Packs created from 2017 have drink bottle labels, favour bag toppers and party hats created slightly larger than previous packs, so both sizes are listed below.​

Please contact us for clarification if you require exact sizes.

  • INVITATION - 5x7in (12.7x17.78cm)

  • BANNER - 5x7in (12.7x17.78cm)

  • BOOKMARKS - 2.35x7.35in (5.97x18.7cm)

  • BUNTING - 5.3x5.8in (13.4x14.7cm)

  • COLOUR PAGE - 11x8.5in (27.94x21.59cm)

  • COMIC MAKER - 11x8.5in (27.94x21.59cm)

  • CUPCAKE TOPPERS - 2in (5.63cm)

  • CUPCAKE WRAPPERS - 9.4x3.8in (23.9x9.75cm)

  • DOOR HANGER - 3.8x9.4in (9.75x23.9cm)

  • DRINK BOTTLE LABELS - 7x1.98in (17.8x5cm)/8.5X2in (21.59x5.08cm)

  • FAVOUR BAG TOPPERS - 6.5x2in (16.5x5.08cm)/6.7x2in (17x5.08cm) each side

  • FAVOUR BOX - 2.4X2.4in (6.2x6.2cm) each side

  • PILLOW BOX - 5.4x4in (13.7x10cm) each side

  • FAVOUR TAGS - 4.2x2.2in (10.6x5.5cm)

  • FOOD LABELS - 6.7X2in (17x5.08cm)

  • WRAP BOX - 7.7x7.7in (19.5x19.5cm)

  • LARGE STRAW FLAGS - 6.3x1.7in (16x4.4cm)

  • MINI STRAW FLAGS - 6.3x0.8in (16x2cm)

  • FOOD LABELS - 6.7x2in (17x5.08cm) each side

  • FRIES BOX - 10.4X6.9in (26.4x17.6cm)

  • PAPER - 11x8.5in (27.94x21.59cm)

  • PARTY HAT - 10.9x6.3in (27.6x15.8cm)/10.4x7.5in (26.5x192cm)

  • PIE BOX - 5x1.6xD2.9in (12.9x4xD7.3cm)

  • PLACEMAT - 11x8.5in (27.94x21.59cm)

  • SML POPCORN BOX - 2.4X4.2in (5.9x5.9cm) each side

  • LGE POPCORN BOX - 2.9X4.2in (7.3x10.5cm) each side

  • TABLE SIGNS - 5x7in (12.7x17.78cm)

  • TREAT CONE - 10.8X6.2in (27.5x15.8cm)

  • VIP PASSES - 3X4in (7.62x10.16cm)

  • WELCOME SIGN - 11x8.5in (27.94x21.59cm)



I can't download?

If your files will not download, please check that any antivirus software is switched off. Do not download to your iPhone or iPad. Files are not compatible and cannot be saved to mobile devices or tablets.

The fonts are not working correctly?

If your files do not contain the correct fonts, and appear to have only a small computer font, this means you have not opened your file in the latest version of the Adobe Acrobat Reader Software.

Simply clicking 'Check for Updates' in your current version of software is not enough. You must have the latest version of the Adobe Acrobat Reader software, which is Adobe Acrobat Reader DC, for our files to work correctly.

I haven't received my files?

Your Digi Dame Party Shoppe purchases are emailed to the email address you entered when making your purchase. If you have not received your Product Download email, please check your Spam/Junk Mail Folder as the email containing your links may have been filtered as spam by mistake.

Remember that all of our party printables come with an instruction download, so you'll always know what to do next.

We hope that we've covered all of your questions here. Feel free to reach out to us if you have any further questions. We'll be glad to help!

If you require further tutorials to learn how to use our party printables, click here

Kind Regards and Happy Partying!

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party printables










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