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One valuable part of any celebration is the party food and drink. Party guests are most often at their happiest when they have been well-fed and watered! 

Hence, every good party host feels more than a little pressure to get their food and drink servings just right for their celebration.

When we're planning a party, we want to ensure that our guests are getting their fill, but also that we're not left with waaaaay more food and booze than we know what to do with. There are only so many cucumber sandwiches that one party host can stomach, am I right? And you might not mind being left with a little extra sparkling wine and champagne that requires immediate disposal, but the ensuing hangover that you'll meet the following day might disagree. 

So, what is a diligent and responsible party host supposed to do? Use our free party food calculator, of course!  

Here we gave you a great resource to help you plan your party catering - our printable party food serving guide. Which is a great printable that is quick and easy to have on hand. 

But the down side to using that guide is that it requires a little math work on your part. 

how much food and drink to serve at a party


Now, we have an even better solution for you right on our website. We now have an onsite calculator, that you can use to instantly discover just how much food and drink you require for your party! 


free party food serving guide calculator

All you need to do is adjust the slider to the number of party guests that you are expecting, and the calculator instantly calculates exactly how many servings you require, absolutely free! No math required!


Bite into your party serving calculator here.


    We hope this free party catering calculator really helps you to serve well at your party celebrations.

    Let us know how it goes; we'd love to hear from you!

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