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how much party food to serve

Party catering is an aspect of party planning that can easily be underestimated. It is definitely true that party guests are most happy at a celebration when they have been well fed and watered!  The food is surprisingly (or perhaps not?) one part of your party that your guests will remember the most. 

So, at the risk of placing too much pressure on you (oh, so sorry!) you will want to have plenty of food and drink prepared to ensure satisfied guests for your next party. On the other hand, you don't want to go too far, and be left with copious amounts of wasted food after the party, if you have over-catered for your party numbers.

This means that you will want to get your number of servings in good balance with the number of party guests in attendance. But just how are you supposed to know how to do that? Well, you're not expected to know, because we have already done the hard work for you.

Here we are giving you a great resource to help you plan your party catering, so you will know exactly how much food and drink to serve at your next party. 

how much food and drink to serve at a party


Pictured above is the free printable that we are sharing with you in this post - our party catering guide. It contains all the information you need on serving amounts for party food and drinks, based on your guest numbers. 

The free download is a high resolution PDF file, which can be opened in a PDF reader, such as Adobe Acrobat Reader. To use the file, click on the link below to download the file to your computer. Then open with your PDF reader and print onto an A4 or Letter sized page. 


Bite into your party serving guide here.


UPDATE: Use our free food calculator to instantly discover how much party food you need!


    We hope this free guide to party catering really helps you to serve well at your party celebrations.

    Let us know how it goes; we'd love to hear from you!

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