FREEBIE - Printable Choc-Chip Cookies, Instant Download

free printable choc chip cookies

I just love a good cookie or two (or biscuits, as we call them here in Australia), don't you? I think I would be hard-pressed to find a person who could say no to the odd cookie or biscuit. They're pretty hard to resist. And, they're even better when they're free, aren't they?

And who am I to deny my hungry readers and party planners some delicious choc-chip cookies? Well, I'm not going to deny you! That's exactly why I have prepared some right here for you - free cookies, fresh from the oven...err, I mean computer. Printable cookies, that is. 

The freebie I have here for you is a downloadable file, containing a dozen cute cookies (sorry, I took a rather large bite out of each of them first).

The file is in a high resolution PDF format and it prints onto an A4 or Letter sized page quite nicely. Download the file directly from the link below (the one that says Bite into your cookies now), then open in Adobe Reader (or other PDF reader that you may have installed) and print. It's that easy!

Printing on bright white paper is best, and it can be printed onto plain computer paper, matte card stock, photo paper or any other paper that is suitable for print.

These cute little choc-chip cookies can be used as:

- cupcake toppers
- straw tags
- party decorations
- table decor
- stickers
- gift tags
- mason jar lid labels
- bunting

and much more! The only limit is your imagination (and the amount of paper and ink that you have stocked!)

Bite into your cookies now

I hope you enjoy them because they're almost as yummy as the real thing! Also, I would love to see how you use them, and all of your creative ideas, so feel free to comment and share your pics! 


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