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We all love creating beautiful memories with fun and unique parties. But party planning can be expensive, time-consuming and stressful. That's why we're here to help!

We at The Digi Dame Party Shoppe love helping others to plan their parties without the stress and expense, using our quick and easy party printables.

If you're unfamiliar with using party printables and want to learn more about using them to quickly and easily create amazing DIY parties, then read on!

In our article Your Guide to Party Printables  we provide an introduction to printable party invitations and decorations (be sure to check it out!)

Adding further to that introduction, here in this post, we are sharing the answers to some commonly asked questions about party printables and how to use them. So let's get started.

alice in wonderland printable party invitation

What are party printables?

Party printables are different to traditional party stationery. Party printables are digital files that you download to your computer and print yourself, onto the paper or card stock of your choice. Then you can cut them out and assemble them if required. Party printables are sometimes in JPEG format, but are most often in PDF format. 

The images below show some examples of what our party printables look like once printed onto your paper or card stock, before cutting and assembling.

What types of products are they?

The most common type of party printables are printable party invitations. But we offer many different types of printable party decorations as well. 

These include wall décor such as large backdrops, banners, bunting and wall signs. Then there are table decorations such as tent labels for food items, cupcake toppers, water bottle labels, placemats, and napkin rings just to name a few. 

Further to this, also available are party favours, gift boxes, party hats, centrepieces and much more. We also stock printable party games and some photo booth props. The choice is endless!

Essentially, you can plan and decorate your entire party using just party printables.

pony club printable party decorations pack

What is a PDF format?

A file with a .pdf extension is a PDF file, which is a Portable Document Format. PDF files are a great format for sending documents electronically, making them perfect for use as party printables, which are sent by download or email.

The PDF format was created by Adobe. All party printables from The Digi Dame Party Shoppe that are in PDF format are designed to be opened and edited using Adobe Acrobat Reader.

​You can download the latest version of Adobe Acrobat Reader for FREE here:

What are editable files?

Most of the party printables on offer here at The Digi Dame Party Shoppe are editable files. This means that you can personalise the invitations and/or decorations with your own text. Editable files allow you to create custom party décor without the hefty custom price tag!

These files contain editable text fields when you open them. We have already added sample text in the file, that you simply type over and replace with your own text.

For invitations, this includes your party details such as names, dates, venues and your RSVP information. For decorations, you can add names, age, personal messages and names of party items, in the case of labels. 

The image below shows what one of our editable files looks like when opened in Adobe Reader. You can see the blue text fields where the customer can add their own text.

editable party invitation printable

It is wonderful being able to type in your own information and print your party décor straight away! No lengthy liaisons back and forth with a designer and no waiting!

And what's even better that your party guests will give you all the credit for being an amazing party designer and host. 

What software is needed for party printables?

With our printable party décor, nothing fancy or complicated! PDF files will only work in the latest version of Adobe Reader, which is Adobe Reader DC.

Please ensure that you can install and use Adobe Reader DC on your computer prior to purchase of our printables.

​You can download the latest version for FREE here:

Full instructions are included with all purchases.

Will the files look the same on my computer?

All fonts & colours are embedded in our party printables files. When opened correctly in the latest version of Adobe Reader, your file should look just like the examples you have seen on our online store.

What is resolution?

Resolution is the clarity of an image or file. Low resolution, or low res, generally refers to images or files that are designed for website viewing only, but not sharp enough for printing. When a low-res file is printed, the few pixels in the file mean that it appears grainy or the edges are fuzzy. Generally, a low resolution is 72dpi/ppi.

High resolution, or hi res, is required for printing images and files. When printed, hi res images are sharp and clear with full colour. All of our party printables contain a high resolution of 300dpi/ppi, which is ideal for printing even at a large scale.

The image below shows one of our printed party backdrops, which are at A0 size. You can see that the graphics are sharp because of the high resolution.

What are colour modes?

There are two colour modes used for digital files - one for web and one for print. 

RGB (Red, Green, Blue) is the colour mode best used for images used for web use. That is, any image intended for screen viewing.

CMYK (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Black) is the colour mode used for print.

So when you see any party printables described as being in CMYK colour mode or format, you know that they have been formatted for printing.

How do I edit the files?

Watch the video below to see how quick and easy it is to edit the party invitations and decorations from our shop.


How do I save the files?

After editing your party printables, you can opt to print right away, or save your edits first.

To save your files with Mac or PC using Adobe Acrobat Reader simply select the Save Option from the FILE Menu.

You can then SAVE your designs to a flash drive or upload to a printing service that accepts PDF files to have your items printed professionally.

Where can I print my party printables? 

When using Adobe Acrobat Reader you have the option to print at home, at your local print store or by uploading your saved files to an online printing service that accepts PDF files. You cannot print PDF files at photo labs or online photo shops because these places will only accept JPEG files.

Even when online printing services say they accept PDF files, some customers experience issues with the files uploading as blank files. Therefore some online printers may not be suitable. So you may need to check first.

shark printable party invitation

How do I print my party printables at home? 

PAPER TYPE: We recommend bright white card stock which is 170gsm in weight or heavier. This ensures a professional finish. For envelopes, bags & pinwheels, regular (80gsm) printer paper works best.

PRINTER SETTINGS: Your files are formatted on 8x11inch sheets. This is designed to suit both US Letter & A4 size paper.

  • US LETTER PAPER: Simply allow your printer to Print the file in the center with the ‘Actual Size’ option.

  • A4 PAPER: Simply allow your printer to Print the file centered with the ‘Actual Size’ option.

NOTE: Make sure your printer is set to Print the ‘Actual Size’ setting in Adobe Reader. DO NOT print your items to ‘Fit’ to page or this can alter the look & size of your printed files dramatically.

What supplies do I need to use party printables? 

You will definitely need the following to use our party printables:

  • a computer with Adobe Acrobat Reader DC installed

  • a colour printer or access to professional printing

  • white card stock or white computer paper

  • time to download, edit, print and assemble your printable party!


You will likely need the following to use our party printables:

  • scissors
  • glue, sticky tape or staples

  • ribbon or string for banners, bunting and favour tags

  • lollipop sticks or toothpicks for cupcake toppers and flags

  • a hole punch may be handy for favour tags and assembling banners

    construction party printables


Can I use party printables without a computer or printer? 

You can send your printables to a professional printer if you do not own a suitable colour printer at home. However, access to a computer is absolutely necessary to download and edit party printables in Adobe Acrobat Reader.

I'm not good with computers. Can I still use party printables? 

You don't necessarily need to be technically savvy to use our printable party décor. We provide full instructions with all of our products, so you will know what to do every step of the way.

What if I'm still not sure? 

Still don't know if party printables are the best option for you? Feel free to download any of the freebies on out site to try before you buy! 

Start looking here for some free party printables to get you started.

printable cassette tape boxes

I hope this article has helped to answer your questions about printable party invitations and decorations. Below are some links to our other articles, if you still have some questions about how to use our party printables. 

How to Install Adobe Acrobat Reader

How to Edit our Party Printables

Tips for Printing our Party Printables

Creative Tips for Using Our Party Printables

Happy Partying!

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