Harry Potter Monopoly Game DIY from CharlieLou

harry potter monopoly

In case you haven't already figured it out, I'm a great big Potterhead! So at The Digi Dame Party Shoppe, we just LOVE anything Harry Potter!

I have been disappointed that thus far, no official Harry Potter Monopoly has been produced (can I get a frowny awww?)

However, just this week, I stumbled upon a lifestyle blog named CHARLIELOU that is run by Charlotte in the UK. Charlie has posted this amazing article on how she created her very own Harry Potter version of Monopoly - she has even included all the printable files that she created for to download for FREE!

So being the massive Potter fan that I am (and my little fam too!) I just had to give Charlie's tutorial a go. I know I know, I'm a designer, so I could just create my own, right? Well, yes I could, but when Charlie has already done such an amazing job of it (with more imagination than I could ever dream to muster, I might add) I'd be crazy not to take advantage of her awesome efforts. Because we're all busy people, right?

So in this post, I'm revealing how everything turned out using Charlotte's printables and tutorial. I am really happy with the results, and I'm sure you will be too! This game would be a great addition to your next Potter party!

harry potter monopoly

Firstly, I created the board. I used the board from an old version of Monopoly that we had in our home, and adhered the printable design board on the top.

Charlie has provided her board design in a hi-res JPEG format, which is already sized to perfectly fit a Monopoly board. You can use an old game board as I did, or create a new one as Charlie shows in her tutorial.

I cropped the image into four separate files (to fit each square quarter of the board) set on A3 sized sheets and saved them into a PDF format for printing. I had them professionally printed onto A3 paper (just plain white paper) then cut them out and very carefully glued them onto the game board, doing my best to match up the edges. I didn't have any spray adhesive on hand, so I just used craft glue, very finely and evenly spread with a paintbrush.

To finish, I sprayed the covered board with a gloss finishing spray (yes, that I did have on hand). This is not a necessary step, but will help with longevity and adds a nice sheen to the paper.

harry potter monopoly DIY

Next, I printed all the cards - I printed the front and back sides on separate sheets of white card stock and then glued the sides together after cutting them out. It was a fair bit of work.

However I think this method is best, because Charlie confessed that she faced difficulty in trying to align her designs for double-sided printing. As a designer of party invitations that are designed to be double-sided printed, I understand those difficulties!

In any case, adhering two sides of card stock has resulted in very sturdy cards that are likely to last twice as long as they would with half the thickness.

create your own harry potter monopoly game

The picture above shows the property, houses and utility cards. Aren't they cute? Charlie did a great job.

The image below shows the ministry, hallow, and chocolate frog cards, in their places on the game board.

Harry Potter Monopoly Game DIY from CharlieLou

Next, I created the money. Of course, magical money is all in coins, but I don't fancy agonisingly creating all of those by hand (yes, someone else has actually done that - I saw it on the internet, so it must be true!). So, I am very thankful for Charlie converting her galleons into note form, like the original game.

I purchased some brightly coloured construction paper and printed my notes in different colours before painstakingly hand-cutting them all out with scissors (my paper cutter broke some time ago and I have regrettably been too lazy/preoccupied/busy/in denial to replace it). But they look great and are worth all the effort!

harry potter DIY monopoly game free

Next I made my game rules book. I adapted it a little from what Charlie created, to add my own stamp on it. And I created the cover in a similar way that she made hers.

harry potter printablesHarry Potter Monopoly Game DIY from CharlieLou

Unlike Charlie, I did not have any game pieces from other games to use. I decided to just keep the original houses and hotels from our old Monopoly game. But for the player tokens, I purchased six mini die-cast collectible Harry Potter wands. My family loves these!

Because the wands are a 'mystery purchase' I did unfortunately end up with two the same, so rather than pay for another one (and risk another double!) I painted one. After all, the tokens need to be unique in order to be identified!

The wands come with those cute blue stands, so we can play with or without them. Leaving them in the stands makes moving them around the board during play much easier. See to the pics below to see what I am referring to.

Harry Potter Monopoly Game DIY from CharlieLou

Harry Potter Monopoly Game DIY from CharlieLou

And that was it - voila! A wonderful Harry Potter version of Monopoly! 

At The Digi Dame Party Shoppe, we have really been impressed by Charlie's blog post and her printables, and we hope that they give you some inspiration for your own family game time and parties!


Visit the CharlieLou Blog Post!


Please note that all of these printables that Charlie has provided are for personal use only and cannot be sold or shared for any commercial use. Please also note that no licensed designs or character designs are sold by The Digi Dame Party Shoppe.

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