How to Assemble our Printable Teacups and Saucers

printable teacups and saucers tutorial

In this tutorial, we will learn how to cut out and assemble the printable teacups and saucers that we recently used at our Alice in Wonderland Party

We offer these teacup printables in some of our tea party printable packs, but we have also given one away as a free download from our Alice party! Get it here.

printable teacup and saucer

In the steps following, we show you how to cut out and assemble your own teacup and saucer printable. Using our photographs as a guide, you can follow what to do, step by step.

The teacup is set out on a single A4/Letter sized page. The page contains the cup body, cup base, saucer and handle. You can see how the pages are set out in the image below.

printable teacup and saucer

Each file is in PDF format, and are downloaded enclosed in a zipped folder after purchase. Here is how to unzip files from zipped folders. 

We offer our printables as instant downloads, meaning you can download them immediately after purchase! Then, open each file in the latest version of Adobe Reader, and print straight away!

Print Your Teacup

We recommend printing on crisp white card stock of at least 200gsm, or thick photo paper. In our example, matte card stock has been used.  Print at Actual Size.

When printed, your pages will appear as shown above.

Assemble your Teacup

You will need: a pair of scissors and glue or tape

1. Cut out your teacup body, handle, base and saucer parts along the outline, which are the solid lines. Be careful to avoid cutting off the tab on the cup body.

2. Then cut along the dashed lines on the cup base. Cut a slit along the dashed lines on the cup body. You should end up with pieces that look like those in the image below.

printable teacup

3. Gently fold up the sides of the cup base, as shown in the pictures below. This is for easy fitting into the cup body, which we will see later. 

tea party printables


tea party printable decorations

4. Next we will assemble the cup body. Simply curve the body around itself, with the white unprinted side on the inner side and the patterned printed side on the outer. Meet the ends together, so that you can insert the white tab through the open slit that you cut. Do not stick down yet.

party printable teacup

Pick up the cup handle, and insert the ends in through the cut slit beside the tab. Ensure that the patterned side faces outward, then fold over the tab. Glue or tape to the inside of the cup body, to secure.

tea party printables

6. Then insert into place the cup base that we have already shaped. Glue or tape at the bottom of the cup body, as shown in the image above. 

printable teacup and saucer

7. Now it is time to assemble your saucer. It is designed to curve upward slightly when the ends are brought together, to form a donut shape. For a tighter curve, overlap the ends more until you have your desired shape. Then stick them together with glue or tape.  

8. With all the separate elements of your teacup now cut and assembled, all there is left to do is pop the cup onto the saucer. You have now completed you
r very own cute little  paper teacup and saucer! Well done!


printable paper teacup and saucer

We hope that this tutorial has helped a great deal in understanding how to print and assemble our cute little teacup and saucer printables.

To check out more of our tea party printables, click on the images below. Or to see the whole range, click here.


high tea party printables

tea party decor

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