How to Create Waterproof Printable Party Water Bottle Labels

Most of the party printables packs from The Digi Dame Party Shoppe contain at least one set of water bottle labels. These Ice Cream Party labels are sweet, aren't they?

These labels can be printed on card stock or photo paper if the bottles are displayed on a party table. But what if you want to refrigerate/freeze your bottles or store them in an icebox/esky? Won't the labels be ruined by the water?

Well, the answer is yes, they probably will. But there is an easy solution - waterproofing!

Water bottle labels can be printed onto waterproof sticker/label paper, but it tends to be an expensive option. In this tutorial, we will be discussing a way to create your own waterproof labels, which is quick, easy and very affordable. 

Once printed, your water bottle labels will look as they do in the image shown below.

ice cream birthday partyXL
Now it is time to cut out and assemble your labels. You will need:
  • Scissors/Paper Trimmer
  • Clear contact paper/adhesive paper
Contact paper is a self-adhesive paper used as a covering or lining, often for school books. It can be purchased from many department stores, stationery stores and more for just a few dollars per roll.

Cut out each of your labels using either a paper trimmer or scissors, as shown in the image below.

How to Create Waterproof Printable Party Water Bottle LabelsM
Next, cut out your contact paper to fit each label, leaving a small overlap on each edge. This ensures that the adhesive paper sticks well to each bottle and provides a strong waterproof seal to protect the label.

How to Create Waterproof Printable Party Water Bottle LabelsXL

Next, peel off the paper backing on the contact paper and press it onto your label. It should look as shown below.

Then press the covered label on to the bottle and smooth it out, making sure there are no air bubbles. Begin at the front centre of the bottle, to ensure that you have the placement right.

How to Create Waterproof Printable Party Water Bottle LabelsXL
And voila! You now have a waterproof bottle label completed!

ice cream parlor Party PrintablesXL
We hope this tutorial has been a great help to you. For more creative ideas on using our party printables, visit this post.

Happy Partying!
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