How to Print and Assemble your Printable Party Envelopes

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All printable party invitations from The Digi Dame Party Shoppe come with a coordinating printable envelope included.

In order for you to get the best results possible, we have provided some instructions on printing and assembling your invitation envelopes below.

Paper Size and Printing

All of our party printables are designed on Letter Size Paper. They are created to print effectively on both Letter and A4 Size paper.

Each 5x7in party invitation must be trimmed out with scissors or a guillotine after printing.

Envelopes can be printed onto plain old regular white printer/computer paper. A thinner paper is best to effectively and easily fold and assemble. However, you can opt for a slightly thicker paper if desired.

The included coordinating envelope is also printed on a Letter Size page - one envelope to each full page. Each envelope requires some trimming after printing.

When folded, the envelope should perfectly fit the 5x7 invitation that it matches. Our photos below show how the invitations fit snugly into our envelopes once assembled.

When using our party printables, you can choose to print on your home computer, get your party printables printed at your local copy shop or to use an online printing lab that accepts PDF files.

For further printing tips, click here.

How to Print and Assemble your Printable Party EnvelopesXL
As shown in the image above, each envelope is provided as a flat template on a full page. Each envelope needs to be printed out, then the shape must be trimmed before folding and adhering the folds together with glue or tape of your choice.

Each envelope has only one file; so it is essentially one-sided. However, you can opt to print double-sided if you desire. Alternatively, you can print on one side only of the paper, and use the print on the outside OR the inside. We'll look at these options further below.

Note also that there is a small fold at one end of the paper, and a large fold at the other. You can choose which one you want at the top or bottom, depending on how you want the image to look when your guests open their envelopes. We'll look at this further as well.

LHow to Print and Assemble your Printable Party Envelopes
LHow to Print and Assemble your Printable Party Envelopes

For this first envelope, we have opted to fold it face up, so the white side (not printed) is on the outside and the Minion print is on the inside, as you can see from the following images.

We have chosen to do this with this particular design, as parts of his face would appear 'upside down' if the envelope was folded the other way.

Above is what the envelope looks like once it has been printed and the shape has been trimmed with a pair of scissors.This envelope has been printed on A4 paper size, on plain white computer paper.

Here is the envelope face up (printed side up). This will be on the inside of the envelope once it has been folded and assembled.

So, once you have trimmed out your envelope template as shown above, you are ready to begin folding.

It is particularly useful to fold with a ruler. Hold the ruler along where you want the fold to be, and fold the paper back against the line of the ruler.It helps to give a clean fold line, the first time and makes the process quicker as well.

Firstly, fold the two side tabs inward toward the centre, vertically, as shown below.

How to Print and Assemble your Printable Party EnvelopesL
Next, make two horizontal folds at the top and bottom of the side tabs, as shown below.

How to Print and Assemble your Printable Party EnvelopesXL

The image below shows what you should have so far - two vertical folds and two horizontal folds opposite each other, that form a rectangle shape in the centre (which is the outline of your envelope shape).

How to Print and Assemble your Printable Party EnvelopesL

Next, decide which way you want your envelope to be upright. As you can see from the images, there is a small fold at one end and a large fold at the other. Decide which fold that you would like to be the top and which you want to be the bottom. For this envelope, the large fold is at the bottom, where the minion's mouth is. We want this to be at the bottom of the envelope, so when the envelope is opened, the minion's face is upright and not upside down.

How to Print and Assemble your Printable Party EnvelopesL

To assemble the envelope, add a thin layer of glue (glue sticks are easiest and the least messy) to the vertically folded envelope side tabs. Fold the tab that you wish to be at the bottom over the tabs and secure.

This will create the 'pouch' part of the envelope, where the invitation is placed. Be careful to only glue the side tabs and bottom fold to each other and not any glue to the back of the envelope, or the pouch will glue shut and you won't fit in your invitation.

How to Print and Assemble your Printable Party EnvelopesL
Here I have used some craft glue, which can be a little messy. You can also opt for tape if that is your preference.

Now, you have created your envelope. Once the glue dries, you will be able to fit in your invitation. It is recommended for the glue to dry first, to avoid your invitations mistakenly getting stuck in your envelopes.

All you need to do once you have inserted your invitation is to secure the top flap down. You can use glue, tape, a sticker, or use one of our cupcake toppers as a fun label on the back (our party printables have many uses!)

 The image below shows how your invitation fits into your envelope.

printable party decor by The Digi Dame Party ShoppeL


The gallery below showcases how to assemble an envelope face down with the print on the outside. The method is the same.


If your envelopes do not fit your invitations, check your printer settings. Your printer may be altering the file size to suit your paper. When printing select to print at Actual Size.

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Well, that's it for our envelope tutorial. I hope that you have found these instructions helpful!

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