How to Print and Assemble your Printable Party Pinwheels

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Some party printables packs from The Digi Dame Party Shoppe come with a printable pinwheel as part of the pack.

Pinwheels can be a little tricky to assemble; especially if you have never made them before. So, in order for you to get the best results possible, we have provided a step-by-step tutorial below, with accompanying pictures.

In this tutorial, the example we have created is the pinwheel from our Donut Party Printables Pack.

How to Print and Assemble your Printable Party PinwheelsXL
Step 1: Printing your Pinwheels

Each pinwheel requires two different patterned sides. In this tutorial we will refer to these as Pattern 1 and Pattern 2. To create your pinwheels using our party pack printables, you will need to print the following for each pinwheel:
  • A double-sided page containing the pinwheel template on one side, and Paper Pattern 1 on the other side
  • A second double-sided page containing the pinwheel template on one side and Paper Pattern 2 on the other side
Printing double-sided in this way helps to prevent visible fold and cut lines. To print double-sided, you can choose double-sided print in your printer settings or manually turn the paper over and re-insert into the printer to print the second side.

The images below show how your printed pinwheel pages should look.

Step 2: Trimming your Pinwheels

Cut out each pinwheel square template, as shown below.

Next, cut along each of the four dotted lines on each square, from the outer corner to the centre. Cut only along the dotted line and stop cutting where the lines stop. Note: if you want a 'flatter' pinwheel, stop cutting two-thirds up the dotted lines as we have done here.

Step 3: Assembling your Pinwheels

Glue both squares together, template sides together and patterned sides out. Make sure you line them up as cleanly as possible.

Next, fold the left side corner of each cut edge in toward the centre. It helps to add a dot of glue at the centre of the square, to secure each corner in place, as shown below.

Then, secure all pieces together with a pin/tack or brad (a brad is a much safer option). Here we have used a tack. Ensure that the pin, tack or brad makes contact with every piece, so that they are all secure and the pin is centred.

Now that the pinwheel is secured with the pin, it needs to be assembled onto a dowel, stick or drinking straw. This is easily done by simply pushing the pin into your chosen stick.

Tip: for a pinwheel that spins freely, it must be slightly separated from the stick. This can quickly be achieved by adding a small bead onto the pin before pushing it into the stick. The bead acts as a spacer and allows the pinwheel to spin faster and smoothly.

To complete your pinwheel, add a piece of tape, play dough or blu tac to the back of your stick/straw if the pin or brad protrudes from it.

And voila, you have made your first party pinwheel! Congrats!

Now, you can create multiple pinwheels for your party, mixing and matching variations with your three paper pages within the party printables pack that you have purchased, as shown below.


Well, that's it for our pinwheel tutorial. We hope that you have found these instructions helpful!

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