It's Magical: Harry Potter Party

Yer a wizard, Harry. 

Here at The Digi Dame Party Shoppe, we love a good Harry Potter party (actually, we love anything Harry Potter)!

So, we were delighted to receive these awesome party photographs from our  
Etsy Shop customer Emily, who recently hosted this magical celebration.

Let's take a look at how Emily combined her own creativity, scrumptious party treats and our Wizard School Party Printables Pack to create something really magical.

harry potter party printables

Our favourite party of Emily's decor is the scrumptious looking cupcakes. Don't they look simply delicious? They feature our printable cupcake toppers, which contain editable text. This means that you are able to personalise them with any message you wish to wave with your wand!

harry potter party decor

Emily also creatively used the food labels from the pack as chocolate bar/candy wrappers. Many items from our pack are magical in this way because they have multiple uses, according to what suits you best!

harry potter party decorations


harry potter party

We also love some of the names and titles that Emily has incorporated into her decor, using the editable text fields in our editable printables. Well done, Emily! 

harry potter birthday
Another fun idea of Emily's was using our popcorn boxes to display her Every Flavour Beans! Our boxes can hold and display all kinds of party treats, and can be used multiple times for your magical party. 

 harry potter wizard party

Emily cleverly displayed our party bunting, signage and cutout silhouette decorations
. We think she did a magical job!

harry potter party

Below you can see Emily's lovely party table, featuring our banner, that she personalised herself. 
harry potter party ideas

Our party printables pack (which consists of over 20 party decorations) can be teamed up with our coordinating Wizard School Party Invitation
and matching Party Backdrop, to create even more magic at your witch or wizard celebration.

harry potter invitation

We would like to say a very big Thank you so very much to Emily for sharing her magical Harry Potter party photos!

We hope that these party pics have provided you with some ideas and inspiration to host your very own Harry Potter party!

We have some more inspo for magical parties for you! Our very own Platform 9 3/4 Party is also on our blog, right here.

And our 101 Harry Potter Party Ideas series begins here. 

If you would like your party to be featured, email us with the photographs of our printables being used at your gathering.

Share your party stories with us #thedigidamepartyshoppe

Get your own party printables from our Shop or from our Etsy Shop!


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