Kids Art Party Ideas with FREE Art Party Printables!

Are you in the process of creating an art party for your little artists? Facing a creative block? Well, you've come to the right place. In this article we look at some fun and exciting ideas for the best DIY art party in town!

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Colour Scheme

The great thing about hosting an art party, is that when it comes to your colour scheme, anything goes!

You can opt to stick with one or two colours to keep it simple, as At The Picket Fence shows below:

or you can choose to just wing it with a rainbow paint theme! A rainbow theme will certainly give you more options when sourcing your supplies and takes the pressure off having to match everything perfectly!

Most art party invitations and decorations you will find contain a few bright colours that work beautifully together, so you may want to build your colour scheme around those.

Here are a few ideas, courtesy of Pinterest:


printable paint set party invitation
But if you would prefer to DIY and have the time, we love this great example of DIY art party invitations, as shown by Glory from Glorious Treats

To make, purchase a watercolour paint set for each guest. Remove the label and replace it with your own design that includes your party invite!

art party ideasL
If you would like to get your little artists involved in making simple invitations, you could opt for something like the art palette idea shown in the image below, as detailed here.

Kids Art Party Ideas with FREE Art Party Printables!L
Or you could use paint sample cards for quick and easy but fun invitations, as shown below (from Pinterest):

art party invitationsL
Another DIY invitation idea that we love is this one from Kelle Hampton.

Party Decorations

There are many affordable and easy options to consider when decorating an art party. Let's look at some ideas!

If you're short for time, consider purchasing a party printables pack, such as we offer here.

A party pack is a quick and easy option for party decorations, as it contains all the decorations you need to get your party started. With party printables, you download the digital files and then either print them on your home computer or take them to a professional printer - the choice is yours.


art craft paint party printables
If you have a bit more time on your hands, you can DIY decorations. Firstly, you can easily decorate for your art party by using art and craft materials. They make great decorations, but also double as party supplies on the day!

You may even have some laying about the house already, that you can use. Some suggestions are below:
  • paint brushes
  • empty paint tins/cans
  • plastic bottles of brightly coloured kids' paints
  • use empty plastic paint cups to hold party food
  • artist's paint palettes
  • artist's easels
  • pencils, crayons and textas
  • decorate walls with picture frames
  • get the kids to paint some pictures for the walls

Crafts By Courtney shows how to beautifully incorporate paint cans and brushes into your party decor, in the images below.

Glorious Treats shows us how to effectively display art materials at the table:
art party ideasXL


Dimple Prints uses paintbrushes to create a gorgeous party garland!



arty paint partyXL


Half Pint Party Design creates a similar party garland below:



arty party decorationsL



Kids Art Party Ideas with FREE Art Party Printables!L


And they use colourful art aprons to dress the party table:


Kids Art Party Ideas with FREE Art Party Printables!L



Love That Party use paint pots in a creative way:



diy party ideasXL


Catch My Party provides inspiration for using art materials as decoration, as shown below.




Ava's 8 Birthday Party shows how to easily pop some colour into your table decorations:



art birthday partyL



Seven Sisters show us an awesome way to incorporate more paint chips into your party decor:



art and craft partyXL



Pretty My Party uses picture frames as art:



Kids Art Party Ideas with FREE Art Party Printables!XL


Next, you can add more interest and colour with economical party decorations such as paper lanterns, balloons, streamers, banners and backdrops. Let's look at some artistic ideas!


Kara's Party Ideas provides inspiration with balloons, streamers and paper lanterns, as displayed in the gallery below.






The Digi Dame Party Shoppe offers a printable party backdrop in A0 size, which you can purchase here.


printable art craft paint party backdrop editable template

 Art Party Backdrop by The Digi Dame Party Shoppe



Tableware & Decor


Tableware is an easy way to create focal points at your art party. You can quickly and easily put together a dessert table, gift table, cake table, activity table and more. Let's look at some fun ideas to get your creative juices flowing...


We love how Today's Parent shows us a cute way to display place cards, labels or other mini signage with these DIY easels!



art partyM

Wants and Wishes Designs provides a fantastic tutorial on creating these straw easels here.



craft partyXL



You may wish to use colourful plastic cutlery as inspired by Kara's Party Ideas.


Kids Art Party Ideas with FREE Art Party Printables!XL


Alternatively, dip plain cutlery into colourful food-safe paint, as shown in the tutorial here.



Kids Art Party Ideas with FREE Art Party Printables!L



For even more colour, store food in brightly coloured paper cups or plastic bowls, or even mini buckets, as inspired by Glorious Treats.





Party Food

In keeping with an art theme, here are some suggestions for fun party food!


The Cake. Below are some beautiful art themed cakes, as shared on Pinterest.




 Now let's look at other arty treats. Learn how to make these cute artist's palette cookies here.



Kids Art Party Ideas with FREE Art Party Printables!L



Here is the tutorial for making paintbrush rice krispies, such as the ones shown below.





Hostess with the Mostess inspires us with these sweet paint brush pretzels:



art party foodL



The cutest little canvas paintings ever are here as shown in the image below.



art party ideasXL



We love these crayon cookies created by Glorious Treats! You can find them here.



art partyXL



Activities & Games
An Art Party would not be complete without some art and craft activities. Unsure of what to plan for your creative guests? We've got you covered.

The Activity Table. Let's explore some ideas on how to set up and decorate your table.

Jen Loves Kev provides us with beautiful inspiration. The link to their party is here.

We love this colourful outdoor setup in the pic below by Pretty My Party, which is shown here.
art partyL
If you are prepared for a little leg work, you can create your own cardboard easels, as we are shown here.
paint party DIYL
Now, let's talk about activities to keep your little Van Gogh's and Picasso's entertained and put the arty in your party!

Keep them busy by creating your own painting mural, as shown below, from here.

art partyL
Get your guests to decorate their very own delicious masterpiece! Find the tutorial here.
party foodXL
Alternatively, set up cupcake decorating stations for each guest. You'll find more inspiration here.
Kids Art Party Ideas with FREE Art Party Printables!XL
Makoodle provides another great idea - an artsy photo booth! See this idea and more right here.
art partyL
The Spruce shows us how to organise bubble painting and more at our art party. See their ideas here.
Kids Art Party Ideas with FREE Art Party Printables!L
Rock painting is a great suggestion that can be found here.

art party gamesM
Now, are you ready for your FREE party printables? To celebrate all things arty and to get you started on creating your party plans, we're giving away samples from our Art Party Printables Pack. These printables are not editable, so all you need to do is download and print to party!

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Click here to download this Art Party Placemat in PDF format. The size is designed to print well on A4/Letter paper/card stock.

art party printable decorations
And, here's another bonus! Click here to download these Art Party Favour Tags in PDF format. The size is designed to print well on A4/Letter paper/card stock.

free art party printables gift tags template

So, that's it! We hope you have found some inspiration from these fun examples and are now ready to plan your art party!

Want some ideas for a kids' construction party theme? Click here

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