Our Toy Story Themed Party! Inspo, Ideas and FREEBIES!

toy story party

Here at The Digi Dame Party Shoppe, we are big fans of the Toy Story movies. My son is absolutely the biggest Toy Story fan in our house, so this year he wanted to celebrate entering "double digits" on his 10th birthday, with a Toy Story themed party.

If you're a regular reader of our blog, you will very likely know that my family celebrates our special occasions with small and intimate parties. This is because my kids live with autism and large parties are much too overwhelming for them.

However, this year we were planning to invite a small gathering of some of my son's friends to celebrate with him. Unfortunately, the COVID-19 pandemic prevented us from continuing plans for a larger party. But we celebrated anyway, with just the members of our household. Because life is worth celebrating, even if only on a smaller scale.

So here in this post, we take you through you how we styled and hosted a minimal but still completely fun party for Master 10 in a Toy Story theme. And as usual, we've included some free downloads for you as well.

toy story cake

The Cake

I have been making celebrations cakes for my kids since they were born. I'm still very much an amateur, but I enjoy the process. They're always made from scratch and I do my best with it.

This Toy Story cake was a caramel cake with buttercream icing and then covered with fondant. I cheated a lot with this one by using toys to decorate! The cake topper was a printable I made - easy peasy!

    toy story party

    Party Food and Other Printables

    Lachlan really wanted some themed party food on the day. We didn't want much food for just a few of us, but we still managed to have fun with it on a smaller scale. In keeping with the Toy Story theme and characters, we created the following:
    • Ranger Rockets
    • Mr. Potato Chips
    • Andy's Cookies
    • Alien Head Jelly
    • Rocket Juice
    • Sheriff's Popcorn

    I created and printed the themed tent labels for the food items. 

    The cute popcorn boxes were a free printable from Raising Whasians. I could have created some from scratch myself, but when Christie had already done such a great job of making them for us, it made sense to benefit from all of her hard work instead. 

    The Sheriff and Deputy stars that are pictured above, I designed and printed for my kids to wear on the day. They loved them. These are included as one of our free downloads at the end of this post, for your own use. Use them for your own Toy Story party, or for some fun imaginative play! Simply print the PDF file onto card stock and cut out. 

    free toy story printables

    toy story party ideas

    The alphabet blocks banner that is shown in the image above was another free download that I found at Cozy Reverie
    Thanks Amy!

    The cute little clouds on the blue wall beneath the banner, I drew up and printed out. I have included the design for you as another freebie at the end of the post. 

    free toy story party printables

    There's more too. See the green fries boxes in the photograph above, that are holding the potato chips? The printable file for these is also on offer as a free download for you at the end of this post, so be sure to keep reading!

    free toy story party printables

    toy story party

    For our birthday party lunch, pizza was a no-brainer - the birthday boy simply loves his pizza. And of course it just had to be home delivered from Pizza Planet. I simply printed out the logo here and stuck it onto a plain pizza box. It was quick, easy and the kids loved it. 

    Party Games

    Because it was just us I though the birthday boy would relinquish any interest in playing any party games. However, he was still eager to play a couple, so we went ahead with a few quick and easy ones. Hopefully you will find some party inspiration in the ideas below.

    1. Toy Story Bingo - I found these free printables (that saved me from having to make my own) at Six Sisters' Stuff

    2. Toy Story Mania on Wii

    3. Potato Head Relay - we used both our Potato Head toys - Mr and Mrs. Each toy was placed onto a chair, with their facial features beside them. We split into two teams and raced a relay. On their turn, each person had to stick one feature onto Mr. or Mrs. Potato Heads' face and race back to the team so the next person could take their turn. The first team to complete a potato head face was the winning team!

    So, that's our Toy Story themed birthday party! Thanks so much for joining us. I hope that our ideas will help you to create your own exciting event! What will also help is some free party printables, correct? Find the links to your free downloads below. 

    Download the sheriff and deputy stars here.

    Access the clouds design here.

    Get your fries box printable here.

    Happy Partying!


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