8 Creative Ways to Decorating your Party with Balloons

party decorating with balloons

I just love balloons. They are simply my favourite party decorating hack. Why? Because balloons are a really versatile way to decorate any party. They add instant festivity to any occasion! Readily available in a vast array of colours, sizes, shapes and textures, balloons are easy to use and provide great impact at minimum effort. And what's more, they're one of the cheapest options for party decorations.

You might be rolling your eyes right now. I know, I know, decorating a party with balloons sounds so cliché (I mean 1980 is calling because they want their party ideas back, right?) So if you're asking Seriously? She wants me to decorate my party with balloons? I mean come one, talk about BORING... then read on.

There are many ways to get really creative with balloons and use them to make parties for birthdays, baby showers, bridal showers (and so much more!) look absolutely amazing. And the best thing is that you can do it all yourself.

I'm sure there will be at least one balloon decorating idea here in this post that you haven't thought of before. So let's look at some awesome and creative ways to decorate your next party with the humble (and awesome!) balloon...

how to decorate your party with balloons

1. Hand-Decorating Balloons

The most basic balloons can become a party masterpiece with just a little effort and some out-of-the-box thinking. You don't have to be the next Pablo Picasso or Michelangelo to create something unique and absolutely gorgeous! Using plain old balloons and a few simple materials, you can hand decorate your own amazing work of art.


Are you handy with a paintbrush? Hand-painting balloons is super easy, but looks phenomenal. As shown in the images above, colourful acrylic paint is all you need to get started. Metallic paint is the perfect option for a glamorous style.
If you are a bit more creative, you can even paint designs such as polka dots. 
An easy way to implement this would be to use any round object as a stamp. Simply dip the object into the paint and stamp onto the balloons.

You could add more visual interest by using paint of different colours, using glitter paint, or applying dots of different sizes by stamping with various objects, such as bottle tops, jar lids, pen lids and glue stick tubes.

Characters and Objects

With bits of paper or printables stuck on, balloons can become almost any character, animal, fruit, vegie or anything else that you can dream up, in keeping with your party theme. Character faces are any easy option, but the choices are endless. 

If you like our Powerpuff Girls party balloons, you can get the free downloads here

I love this balloon garland tutorial from Balloon Time. Perfect for a spring party, high tea or garden party, this is a beautiful but simple way to add colour and interest to your event. Find the tutorial here.

For an extra pop of colour, you could use patterned scrapbook paper as a replacement for plain coloured card stock, and use different coloured balloons to coordinate with your papers.

party decorating with balloonsXL
The Craft Patch inspires us to go fruity with their Berry Party, which is showcased here.

Party Decorating with BalloonsXL

You could go a step further and create a fruit salad of balloons with the following ideas from:

Feeling prickly? Design Improvised has showcased a great party project using balloons right here.

Party Decorating with BalloonsXL


Like a little bling? Then perhaps glitter will be more your style. You can add as little or as much as you like. Loose glitter can be used by painting the base of your balloons with glue, then rolling them in the glitter, to achieve the effect shown above. Alternatively, use strips of colourful foil paper or brush on some glitter glue, or glitter paint. 


Glittery glamour not the look you're going for? Then perhaps something subtle is best. Coloured paper cut into shapes (like the stars in the pic above) confetti, or even plain paper strips can be glued onto balloons in the same way as the loose glitter - simply lay them out in a bowl or plate and roll the glued balloons in them. 

Or, stick with the confetti idea, but add it to the inside of a clear balloon, as shown in the image below.

using balloons as party decorations

If these ideas all sound a bit too messy, don't get discouraged! The next few ideas are a little less mess!


Tulle-covered balloons are absolutely stunning. And they are so easy to achieve. Simply cut out a piece of tulle large enough to cover a balloon. Wrap it over the top and draw together at the base of the balloon with a rubber band, string or ribbon. 

Embellishments such as flowers, gems, bows etc stuck at the bottom of the balloon will make your creations look extra special. Depending on your party theme and style, there any many lovely and affordable choices available. 

Melise Amour shows an elegant example of decorating balloons with tulle below.

Hand-Writing or Drawing

Does hand-writing or drawing directly onto balloons with a permanent marker sound like a silly idea? Perhaps it does. But hear me out. It's quick, easy, costs next to nothing and when done well, it looks great. Think funny faces, as we see in the image above, or googly eyes, or fun messages as shown below by StudioDIY

how to use balloons for parties

2. Hot Air Balloon

If you are hosting a party with a hot air balloon theme, you can create some DIY party props that are stunning and really cost-effective, as are shown in the pictures above. All you need to add is a basket.

Don't have the time or room for something that big? For a smaller version, you can use single balloons attached to small baskets as table centrepieces. 

how to decorate parties with balloons

3. Balloon Arch

You're probably thinking no way. They may look really intimidating, I know. But although balloon arches are very time-consuming (yes you do need some decent patience to make one!) they are actually not that difficult to create. 

Using balloons of different colours, sizes or textures, a balloon arch is really impressive for low cost. And you're not limited to using just balloons. As the photo above shows, you can add other features such as flowers, paper decorations, plush toys, or streamers. 

Simple and smaller arches can be created for the cake or gift table, venue entrance, dessert table etc, if a large one is just too scary to attempt at first. 

party decorating with balloons

4. Balloon Shapes

Not feelin' it with the arch? Maybe some smaller shapes will be the trick at your next celebration. Learning how to twist balloons is no easy feat (believe me, I have tried several times and failed miserably). If you are able to do it, kudos to you (can you hear my applause?) 

However, if you're like me and cannot twist your way to a sausage dog, you can still create some beautiful shapes with balloons, simply by the way you bundle them together. You can form gorgeous fluffy-looking clouds, numbers, words and more. 

how to style your party with balloons

5. Using Objects

A quick and easy way to dress up furniture and themed-objects at your party is to simply hang one or a bundle of balloons from them. This is a very simple but effective decoration hack! Doing this, you can highlight a special area of your venue, create a DIY photo booth, or simply design a focal point. 

Want more ideas and inspiration on using balloons to create a focal point or set aside an area for photos? See the images below. Incorporating objects that you already have around your home that fit in with your theme, works perfectly as an accompaniment to balloons.

Items can be as simple as toys, boxes, craft materials, streamers, lanterns, or bunting. 

decorate with balloons at birthday party

Balloons make outstanding backdrops for parties of any kind. Let's look at some ideas.

party balloons decorating ideas

6. Balloon Backdrop

Balloon backdrops give any party maximum impact, but are really quick and easy to create. You can completely cover an entire wall for your food table or photo booth, or add just a few balloons set out over the entire space. 

You can inflate the balloons at different sizes, or use as many different colours as you wish. Alternatively, create shapes like the heart above. Or create a garland of balloons at the top of a wall, then drop streamers from the balloons down to the floor.

If you would prefer something a bit more simple, your backdrop can be a single balloon garland, as shown below. Twisting balloons are a great solution for this. They contain extra-long necks that are designed to twist together for a quick and easy balloon garland.

party decorating with balloons

making party decorations with balloons

7. Balloon Centrepieces

Our humble old balloon is not worn out yet! Balloons can also be used to make gorgeous tablescapes and centrepieces for your parties. As we see in the pictures shown above, they can be tied together in a garland-style table runner, or simply bunched together in a vase. 

Smaller balloons can even decorate your birthday cake! 

party decor with balloons

8. Top to Bottom

Decorating your party last-minute and just don't have the time to fuss around with all of this party decorating business? Keep it simple. Hang helium-filled balloons from the ceiling with streamers attached for a fuss-free-big-bang.

Or, drop the helium and just throw loose balloons around the floor. Done.

party balloon ideas

And with that, this balloony post is done! I hope these ideas have inspired you to start decorating your party with balloons! Did you find something new? Let us know if you did! 

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