101 Ideas for the Perfect Princess Party - Part One

princess party ideas

No matter her age, every girl is a princess inside. If you need to organise a girl's princess party, and you're feeling stuck for inspiration, we can help. In this article we share 101 princess party ideas to get you started.

We've found some beautiful and inspirational ideas for the perfect DIY princess party. So, let's get that royal carriage rolling!

pink gold princess party decor


1. Pink and Gold.

Pink & Gold is always a crowd favourite for a princess party theme. If this colour scheme suits your event, it will make colour matching and sourcing supplies really easy, because of it's sheer popularity.

2. Pink and Silver.

If pink and gold don't suit, pink & white or pink & silver will work just as well. If your princess is not a fan of pink, perhaps purple or mauve would make a good alternative, with either gold or silver touches added.

3. Blue Hue.

If your style is more suited to Cinderella, a Blue & Gold theme is a gorgeous combination. Pink and Blue is a lovely combination for a Disney Princess theme. 

4. White is Right.

Like a more neutral approach? What about an all-white and silver colour scheme? This colour scheme is especially lovely for a Winter party. 

princess party colour schemes

pink blue princess party theme

See this beautiful pink & blue party at Kara's Party Ideas, submitted by Erin Walker of Undercover Hostess.

pink silver printable editable party invitation

pink gold princess printable party invitation template

pink green printable editable princess party invitation

5. Invitations.

Your party invitations will set the scene for your party guests, so planning ahead is worthwhile. Purchasing invitations with coordinating decorations makes the process of setting your party theme much easier. These can be purchased pre-printed, or as DIY templates. Or, if you're crafty, try making your own.

Try matching your invitations to your intended party theme, style and colour scheme. 

pink princess castle party invitation printable template

pink silver princess party invitation printable template

blue silver princess party invitation printable

6. Roll out the Carpet.

Create a royal entrance with a pink princess or red carpet! Mock carpet runners are available for purchase from party supply stores. Alternatively, you can DIY with the following ideas:

  • Lay down several metres of pretty pink fabric (or other suitable colour) leading into the party venue

  • Can't find suitable fabric or have only a small space available? Try a yoga mat in your chosen colour instead
  • Tape plastic party tablecloths together to form a long 'carpet'

7. VIP Entry.

For a little more glamour and fun if outdoors, tie pink balloons to golf tees and stick them into the ground on either side of the fabric, to provide a grand walkway for your guests.

Alternatively, drape fabric over a fence or poles along the princess carpet path.

8. Drape the Door.

Draping soft fabric over the entry doorway makes for a beautiful entrance to your celebration venue and will make your visiting princess feel very special!

You can use plastic tablecloths instead if your party budget does not allow for fabric. 

Flowers and ribbon are also lovely extra touches for your entry door.

silver princess party tiara

princess party crown tiara

9. Wear a crown.

Make every girl feel special by handing out gift tiaras or crowns to each guest as they arrive. These can be store bought or DIY and can be as simple or elaborate as you wish.

A beautiful princess headpiece can be made from a headband, card stock or paper, a wreath of flowers and foliage, sewn from pretty fabric, party printables and much more. 

crowns and tiaras for princess parties

printable princess party tiaras pink gold

10. Blow it Up. 

Balloons are a lovely and cost effective way to decorate any party room, especially with ribbon or curling ribbon tied, covered in tulle, or filled with pink and gold confetti.

11. Florals.

Another beautiful addition to balloons for a princess party is flowers. Build a balloon garland and pop in a few flowers in between. These can be fresh or faux flowers - both will work well. 

See the examples below from Kara's Party Ideas.

balloon garland princess party ideas

12. Garlands.

Balloon garlands take some effort to create, but they are not really difficult to achieve. And they provide massive impact at a low cost.

Look at the lovely example here, which combines matte balloons with shimmery gold that works beautifully. This Disney princess party shown below can be found here

princess party balloons

13. Glittering DIY.

If you prefer a bit more shimmer and don't mind some DIY, My Sister's Suitcase has you covered with their glitter-dipped balloons, as shown below.

glitter balloons

14. Fabric.

Fabric can do wonders for princess party décor. Pretty and affordable material can be used in multiple ways to create gorgeous party décor.

tulle and roses wall backdrop party

15. Fabric Backdrops.

Simply hanging or gathering fabric as curtains and backdrops can make a big impact at your party.

The type of fabric you use will depend on the look you are trying to achieve and of course your party budget. 

Examples of great fabric choices are tulle, satin, lace and for more impact, a light velvet. Teamed with flowers (as shown above) the effects can be absolutely stunning.

Ready-made lace curtains also make beautiful backdrops on a modest budget. 

You may even be able to use items that you already own. Satin or lace tablecloths are a great place to start.

This is a beautiful example below from Kara's Party Ideas.

pink gold princess party

As is this other example of using curtains as a backdrop, from Catch My Party.

pink princess party decor

16. Fabric Tableware. 

Fabric wrapped or draped on table displays and tied to the backs of chairs is a quick and easy party décor solution. This is particularly effective with the use of tulle, especially the varieties that are imbued with glitter or sequins, that look so very pretty.

princess party decor

This picture from Gold Coast Kids Parties displays fabric curtains teamed with satin table and chair covers that look simply stunning.

17. Tulle Above. 

Alternatively, a tulle canopy can be used as a feature. Including tinsel and Christmas tree baubles or fairy lights are another affordable method of adding royal glamour.

18. Tulle Around. 

Cute little tulle pompom balls hung from the ceiling or scattered around the room make a gorgeous décor addition to any princess party. They're cheap and quick to make too!

tulle pom pom party decor

princess party printables
 Princess Party Pack by The Digi Dame


19. Party Printables


Printable party décor is a very quick, easy and cost-effective way to decorate your party venue and provide favors for your royal guests.


A selection of princess party printables are available at our Online Shop.

These include decorations such as banners, tabletop printables and labels, activities such as colouring-in pages and craft items, and party favors such as placemats, tiaras and gift boxes.

printable princess carriage party table centrepiece


princess castle printable party centrepiece decoration

printable princess castle party centrepiece

once upon a time printable invitation

pink gold princess party printable straw flags

Princess Party Ideas and a FREE Princess Party PrintableXL


20. Baby Got Beautiful

Crafty Morning
shows us how to make these gorgeous DIY favors from baby jars here.


21. Royal Meal. 

In keeping with a royal theme, a high-tea atmosphere is a good start for any princess celebration. 


22. Pretty in Pink.

It's no secret that princesses love pink! Keeping a pink colour scheme? Keeping it pink can be as simple as serving pink lemonade, or fruit smoothies with pink iced cupcakes, coconut ice, pink & white marshmallows and strawberry mousse.

crown fairy bread for princess party



Princess Party Ideas and a FREE Princess Party PrintableXL

23. Crown Bites. 

Betty Crocker
offers some amazing party food ideas, such as these crown sandwiches, here.


Princess Party Ideas and a FREE Princess Party PrintableXL


24. Sprinkles.

Dip glasses in sprinkles to match your party theme, as shown above.

pink princess punch

25. Princess Punch.

This Princess Punch from Macaroni and Cheese is not only pretty, but pretty healthy too!

pink princess popcorn

 26. Princess Popcorn.

This Princess Popcorn from
cookingclassy.com looks delicious!


27. Cold as Ice.

Add some themed ice cubes to your pink drinks, such as these.


Princess Party Ideas and a FREE Princess Party PrintableXL


28. Princess Games

Princess Party Time shares some great ideas for princess hide and seek party games.

glitter party cups

29. Glitter Cups

Nest of Posies shows us how to make these gorgeous glitter cups that are perfect for any princess party.

DIY tulle cake stand princess party

30. Tulle Cake Stand 

Paging Fun Mums shares their tutorial for creating their amazing cake stand that is made using a hat box and tulle. Wow!

princess bags DIY

31. Princess Bags DIY

A Girl and a Glue Gun shares their tutorial for creating their stunning Disney Princess bags that are just so very pretty.

princess party props

32. Princess Props.

The props in the image above are so adorable, I can barely stand it. You could always hire these for your party, but if you're handy with a box knife, you could try making your own with some strong cardboard.  

princess wand

33. Hold a Wand.

Wands make adorable gifts for party guests at a princess party. They are very cheap to buy, but you can also make your own from tulle pompoms, glittery card stock stars or even our party printables as shown below. 

princess scepter wand printable  

first birthday princess party

34. Include Flowers.

Providing a pretty and feminine touch, flowers can also be very affordable party decorations. Fresh flowers are the most beautiful, but simply for appearance's sake, silk or other imitation flowers suffice just fine for a princess celebration.

They make perfect centrepieces and table decorations, wall hangings and more. 

flower wall for party

35. Flower Wall.

Want maximum impact using flowers? Build a flower wall. Use fresh or synthetic flowers and use them as a stunning backdrop.

helium balloons

36. Balloons Streaming.

Fill your party room with helium balloons of varying colours and textures. Using weights on the floor, tie the balloons using different lengths of string. 

This easy decorating tip will fill your venue with colour and atmosphere in no time and very little effort. 

DIY lace crown princess party

37. DIY Lace Crowns.

Catch My Party has shared this DIY tutorial on making these delightful lace crowns for your next princess party.


crown pizzas princess party

38. Crown Pizzas.

These pizzas are fit enough for a royal feast! Find the recipe at Pillsbury.


princess crown cupcakes

39. Crown Cupcakes.

These cupcakes are really cute and easy to decorate using cookie cutters and coloured fondant.


disney princesses playdough

40. Play Dough Princess.

For an easy party game to calm your busy princess party guests, we've got you covered. 

Place coloured playdough on a table with some Disney Princess dolls and let the little princesses get creative with designing the dolls' dresses. 

princess party decor ideas


41. Royal Palace.

If a glamorous affair fit for the royals is your ideal, try decorating with some extra flair. Add some chandeliers and hang gems from the ceiling. Think pearls and crystals. 

princess party bunting

42. Princess Pennants.

Party bunting is quick and easy party decor that offers pretty results. Fabric bunting is often the loveliest but can be time consuming to sew. You could use a hot glue gun to adhere the flags to ribbon or string.

Paper bunting is not as strong as fabric varieties, but the appearance is just as nice. 

You can download one of our Princess Party Buntings at the end of this post. 

princess ribbon wand

43. Ribbon Round.

You can make stunning ribbon wands just like this one using the DIY tutorial from Catch My Party

diy fabric party garland

44. DIY Garland.

You can make a pretty tied fabric garland just like this one above from Illume Party Ware

disney princess favor ideas

45. Disney Princess Favors.

Above are some great Disney Princess party favors ideas from Birthday In A Box.

disney princess party food

46. Disney Princess Food.

Above are some great Disney Princess party food ideas from 
Birthday In A Box.

princess party food

47. Hungry Rella.

Above is the cutest idea for pumpkins - mandarines or tangerines and celery sticks!


princess lanterns


48. DIY Princess Lanterns.

As shown above, you can create your own princess party lanterns by placing paper party crowns on the tops. A quick and easy idea but absolutely brilliant.

princess party ideas

49. Princess Prep.

As shown above by Martha Stewart, your party guests will love a princess prepping station as they arrive! They can instantly become a princess by donning their tiara and choosing a matching wand. 

princess castle cake

50. Princess Prep.

Also found on Martha Stewart, is this adorable princess fairytale castle cake. What's not to love about this beauty?

pink gold princess party decorations printable

Now, are you ready for your FREE party printable? To celebrate all things princess and to get you started on your party plans, we are giving away a sample from our Princess Crown Party Printables Pack.

princess party ideas and free printables

Click here to download this bunting in PDF format.

pink gold printable princess party bunting free download
Want more party printables ABSOLUTELY FREE?
So, that's it for Part One. I hope you have found some inspiration to get you started!

See Part Two 


the digi dame party shoppe party printables
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