Printable Party Hat Tutorial

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In this tutorial, we will learn how to print, cut and assemble the printable party hat which is part of our
Ballerina Party Pack.

The process is the same for all of our party hat printables from any of our printable party packs.

The party hat printable consists of a single A4/Letter Size page. Depending on the party pack that you have purchased, this will be in either PDF or JPEG format.

Print Your  Party Hat

1. We recommend printing on crisp white card stock of at least 120gsm, or thick photo paper. In our example, matte card stock has been used. When printed, the page will appear as shown below.

Note the markings for the tab and dotted line marked for the slit that you need to cut.

girls ballerina party printables

Assemble your Party Hat

2. You will need:
  • Scissors
  • Glue/tape
  • staples/holepunch
  • string

Cut out your party hat along the outline, ensuring that you don't cut off the tab. Then cut a slit along the dotted line marked in faint grey. You will now have something that resembles the image below.

ballet party printables pink gold

3. Fold the tab away from the hat front and if adhering with glue, apply some along the tab surface, as shown below.

printable ballerina party hat pink gold

4. Bend the hat around into a cone shape (front side out), and insert the tab into the slit that you have cut, and stick. If you are using tape or staples to adhere, use them now to form the hat shape.

ballerina party printables

Your hat should now resemble something like the image below.

ballerina party hat printable

5. Now that you have your basic hat formed, you will need to add the string. We simply stapled ours to the sides of the hat and covered the staples in tape for safety. 

Alternatively, you can punch a hole at each side and tie a knot through the hole to attach your string. And your hat is done!

printable ballet party hat girl pink gold

A job well done, party planner!

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Kind Regards and Happy Partying,

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the digi dame party shoppe party printables