Printable Party Treasure Chest Tutorial

Printable Party Treasure Chest TutorialXL
Ahoy there. me hearties!

In this tutorial, we will learn how to cut and assemble the pirate treasure chest party printable, which is part of our
Pirate Party Pack.

The treasure chest printable consists of three separate parts, on two A4/Letter Size pages. They include the timber chest, and the optional items to place inside - the treasure map and gold coins. You will require just one map and coins for each chest. These are all in PDF format.

Print Your Treasure Chest

1. We recommend printing on crisp white card stock of at least 120gsm, or thick photo paper. In our example, matte card stock has been used. When printed, the pages will appear as shown below.

Printable Party Treasure Chest TutorialXL
Assemble your Treasure Chest

2. You will need:Scissors/Paper Trimmer and Glue

Cut out your Pirate Treasure Chest Box along the outline, and the same with your Treasure Map and Gold Coins. You will now have something that resembles the image below.

Printable Party Treasure Chest TutorialXL
3. Begin folding along the white tabs and each of the golden rims of the Treasure Chest, as shown in the images below.

So you will end up with the chest looking like this:

Printable Party Treasure Chest TutorialXL
4. Glue the tabs.

printable pirate party decorationsXL
5. Glue the sides of the box part to the box front first, using the tabs provided, as shown below.

6. Glue the sides of the lid part to the top part of the lid, using the tabs provided, as shown below.

Now, you should be left with your Pirate Treasure Chest looking like this:

pirate party printables shopXL
Then if desired, place your gold coins into the box of the Treasure Chest, then roll your Treasure Map and pop that in as well. Alternatively, you can include some party treats in the chest.

pirate treasure chestXL
treasure map printableXL
You can opt to leave the lid open, or close it as shown below.

pirate treasure partyXL

And voila! You now have a cute little Pirate Treasure Chest completed! 

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