The Top 50 Kids' Character and Non-Character Party Themes in 2019

top kids party themes in 2019

The theme for a kids' birthday party is an important aspect of your celebrations plans. The chosen theme often determines the colour scheme and party décor, but can also affect the choices of food, activities, and even possibly the venue. Hance, planning your child's birthday party can be more than a little daunting if you don't know where to begin on the party theme. 

If you are quickly running out of ideas and you're beginning to panic, perhaps we can be of service. Below we've included two lists of this year's popular party themes for kids; character and non-character, to provide you with some fresh inspiration! We've listed the top 50  in order of popularity.

Let's look at the top character parties first. 

1. Fortnite
2. Mickey Mouse
3. Minnie Mouse
4. Trolls
5. Moana
6. PJ Masks
7. Dumbo
8. LOL Surprise
9. Lego
10. Frozen

frozen party printables
Frozen Ice Palace Party Pack

11. Peppa Pig

peppa pig party invitation
Muddy Puddles Party Invitation

12. Minecraft
13. Jojo Siwa
14. Secret Life of Pets
15. Dora the Explorer
16. Sonic the Hedgehog
17. Avengers
18. Harry Potter

harry potter party invitation
Wizard School Party Invitation

19. Detective Pikachu
20. Wonder Woman

wonder woman party printables
Superhero Woman Party Printables Pack

21. Minions

minion party invitation
Minion Party Invitation

22. Star Wars
23. Mary Poppins
24. Baby Shark

And now the generic, non-character party themes.

25. Unicorn

unicorn party invitation
Pastel Rainbow Unicorn Party Invitation

26. Gaming
27. Mermaids

mermaid party printables
Mermaid Party Printables

28. Llama

llama party invitation
Llama Fun Party Invitation

29. Scavenger Hunt
30. Donuts

donut party printables
Donut Party Pack

31. Shark

shark party invitation
Shark Party Invitation

32. Enchanted Forest

woodland fairy party printables
Woodland Fairy Party Pack

33. Woodland
34. Pineapple
35. Flamingo
36. Pool Party

pool party invitation
Pool Party Invitation

37. Pizza Party

pizza party invitation
Pizza Party Invitation

38. Glam Sleepover

boho tepee party invitation
Pink Tepee Party Invitation

39. Bowling

ten pin bowling party invitation
Ten Pin Bowling Invitation

40. Bees
41. Camping

camping party invitation
45. Trampoline 
46. Superhero

superhero party invitation
Superhero Party Invitation

47. Baking
48. Mad Scientist
49. Rainbow

rainbow party invitation
Rainbow Party Invitation

50. Sloth

We hope these lists help you to find the perfect party theme for your kids' birthday party! 

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