Tips for Pain-Free Printing of Our Party Printables

Editable Candyland Party Invitation Printable by The Digi DameXL
Printing our party printables and scrapbooking printables is designed to be quick, simple and easy. Hip Hip, Hooray!

When using our party printables, the choice is yours to either:
  • Print on your home printer,
  • Print at your local printer or copy shop, or
  • Print with a print lab that accepts PDF files
The Digi Dame Party Shoppe party printables are designed to be DIY printed at home for your convenience. You have the printing rights and can print as many copies as you want from home. Isn't that awesome?

So let's discuss your printing options and go through some step-by-step instructions to help you make the right choices and successfully print your Digi Dame party printables.


Paper Type
The Digi Dame Party Shoppe recommends printing your party printables on heavy duty paper with a paper weight of at least 170gsm. You can choose to print on heavy duty photo paper, brochure paper, or bright white card stock.

Invitations and printable decor are best printed on 110lb/300gsm weight. Envelopes are best printed on 60-70lb/90-100gsm weight. If you are on a budget, envelopes can be printed onto plain old regular white printer/computer paper, which is at a weight of 80gsm. A thinner paper like this is fine to effectively and easily fold and assemble envelopes, as well as pinwheels and bags.

Photo paper can be a great paper option, particularly for printable invitations. Matte photo paper or glossy photo paper is fine, depending on your preference. Colours tend to print more vibrantly on photo paper compared to card stock.

Paper Size

All of our party printables are designed on a Letter Size Page. They are created to print effectively on both Letter and A4 Size paper.

Whether you are printing on US Letter Size paper, or A4 Size paper, do not allow your printer settings to change the file size to suit the paper, or your files will fail to print at the correct size.

Do this by ensuring that when you print, you select Actual size. This will ensure that your files print at the correct size and in correct alignment for single or double-sided printing. You can print on A4 or Letter-sized pages using the Actual Size option.

Note that most of our party printables must be trimmed out with scissors or a guillotine after printing.


Printer Settings

Make sure that you print from Adobe Reader only. Other PDF viewers offer mixed and unpredictable results.

Check that you have enough ink in your cartridges before you begin (yes, I have learned this one through my own trial and error!)

Select the best quality printing option from your Print Setup Properties Box.

Select Borderless option under your Page Settings Properties Box – this will help print any full page designs right to the edge of the page.

If you wish to resize the items, you can do so by changing the Custom Scale. You should face no difficulties in making the items smaller, but enlarging could result in loss of resolution, so this is not recommended.

You can choose to print double-sided by choosing Print on both sides of paper. Alternatively, you can print on the first side, then manually put the printed pages back into the printer tray upside-down to print on the back side.

Whichever method you choose, we recommend printing one test item first to ensure the results are correct before attempting multiple copies.



Editable Under the Sea Party Invitation Printable by The Digi DameXL

Party Invitation printed onto glossy photo paper from a home printer




Legal Stuff
DISCLAIMER: Because our party printables have been designed to be printed at home, we take no responsibility for professional printers who refuse to print our products.

We cannot guarantee that all professional print stores will agree to print our digital files (some refuse to print digital stuff purchased online, because they are concerned that customers have obtained the art illegally, and some demand that customers provide proof of legal purchase and/or permission to print from the digital artist in writing).

You can opt to download our Copyright Release Form from the Terms & Conditions page, if you are facing printing issues. Please note that we do not provide refunds or compensation for any issues that may arise in regard to copyright issues.

Sending Files to Printers

It is not recommended to send your edited party printable files to a printer via email. The edited text usually fails to function correctly via email. In addition, files can be corrupted if the printer fails to open the files using the latest version of Adobe Reader when they receive them. This renders the editable files unusable.

We recommend sending your files to your printer via an online cloud storage service, such as Dropbox. You can then copy the direct link and email it to your printer, for them to download to their computer.

Alternatively, if you are able to visit your printer, provide your files via a flash USB drive.

Be sure to remind your printer to open the files in the latest version of Adobe Acrobat Reader, or your files will be corrupted.

Local Printers/Copy Shops

You can visit your local printer and provide your files to them via a flash USB drive. Be sure to verify that your printer accepts PDF files prior to making an order with them. You may need to research your local printers to find one in your local area who can print your PDF format for you.

Some of our customers have had success printing at the businesses listed below:

  • Staples
  • Office Max/Office Depot
  • Fedex
  • Insource/UPS (in Canada)
  • Officeworks (in Australia)
Please note: Some customers have experienced issues with using these companies' online uploaders, as editable files may not work with them. If this is the case, please take your file on a flash/USB drive or email your Dropbox link directly to your local copy shop.

Online Printers

The Digi Dame Party Shoppe party printables are generally not designed to be printed from photo labs or online printers because these printers usually only accept JPEG files, and our party printables are mostly in PDF format.

However, some of our party printables packs that are in JPEG format, can easily be printed at any photo lab.

You may be able to use an online printer if you find an online printing service that prints PDF files, such as Officeworks in Australia. We recommend you review the website's own guidelines for uploading and using their services.

Our party printables cannot be printed at online photo shops, such as:
  • Overnight Prints
  • Snapfish/Mpix
  • Shutterfly/Costco
  • Walmart/Walgreens
Customers have also reported difficulties printing with Vistaprint and Staples Online.

DISCLAIMER: The Digi Dame Party Shoppe takes no responsibility for issues encountered when using third party online printing services and their websites. We cannot provide assistance, refunds or compensation for any issues that may arise in regard to third party printing services.

We have ensured that our digital files are in good working order. Any difficulties encountered with third party online printing services are an issue that must be addressed by them, and we suggest contacting their own website support.

Editable My Little Pony Party Invitation Printable by The Digi DameXL


If your colors do not print out as you were expecting, try selecting Print as Image  on the Advanced tab. Selecting this can help with color correction on some printers.


Keep in mind that colors vary greatly between computer monitors, and printers. As such, there may be color variations from what you see on your screen to the printed product.

Print quality and color also varies depending on which printer you use, the type of paper and printer settings.

Well, we most certainly hope that these printing tips help you to obtain wonderful results printing our party printables.

Further tutorials on opening, editing and assembling our party printables can be found here.

If you require any further assistance with any of our products, please contact us and we will do all we can to help.

Kind Regards,

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