6 Tips for Easy & Safe Parties Post COVID-19

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    As the world grapples with the wrath of Coronavirus, we all hope for a time when we can move forward. For some of us, that time is near. For others, there is still a long way to go. 
      Moving forward will look different for each of us. And whilst it is vital that we do indeed move forward, we do not necessarily move on. Our world has been forever changed. 

      In our current climate, we need to learn new ways of doing things, for the protection and safety of everyone. Parties and social gatherings are no exception to this. Our social interaction is a very large part of what needs to change.
        Some of us are vigorously champing at the bit to get partying again! Others are very nervous at the prospect of large social gatherings any time soon. Some of us have had to celebrate in isolation and have held quarantine parties

        However, one thing we all agree on, is that we need to stay safe. Life is precious and is worth celebrating. But more than that, life is worth protecting. 

        So, for when you do decide to begin hosting parties again, we've got some tips for hosting safe and happy celebrations post COVID-19. 

          Open Air Venue

          Choosing an outdoor venue for your party will allow your party guests plenty of fresh air and the ability to comfortably exercise social distancing. It is much more challenging to do so at an indoor event. 

          This will be particularly helpful for children, who may struggle to adhere to strict social distancing measures. At an outdoor party with lots of space to run around, they will be less likely to gather closely with those around them. 

          The perfect venue for your outdoor event is a local park with open areas, smaller seating areas or picnic facilities. 

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          2. You and a Few

          Limiting the number of party guests will also help to make your party safer post Coronavirus. It makes sense to keep gatherings smaller to limit any health risks. 

          It is also important to remember to take extra care with any party guests who are at extra risk, due to age, underlying health conditions and compromised immunity. 

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          3. Group It

          Try setting up smaller tables and groups of fewer chairs as opposed to long tables of larger groups. This allows your party guests to group together in smaller numbers, with some space in between the groups. 

          A picnic-style gathering is ideal, with guests separated into their own families/households on individual blankets. 


          Clean and Clean Again

          It may sound obvious, but now more than ever, it is crucial to clean and sanitise your party venue. This must be done prior to the event, of course. But it is a good idea to provide cleaning essentials for use during the event as well. 

          Consider creating hand-washing and sanitising stations at your party. Indoors, these are best placed in every room with a tap and sink. Outdoors, leave the following items at each water tap at the venue:
          • bottles of hand soap
          • paper towels
          • sanitiser wipes/bottles of hand sanitiser 
          • bin or bucket
          • disinfectant wipes


          Wipes and/or hand sanitiser can also be placed on each table, or at strategic places at your venue. A great place to start is the entrance to your party. 

          Also consider providing face masks for your guests. 

          Your party guests will greatly appreciate your efforts in keeping them safe and protecting their health. 

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          5. Get Your Own Honey Smacks!

          Modern day parties usually involve long tables full of self-serve food. Large serving platters of finger foods and grazing tables have been greatly popular in recent years. 

          But things are different now. Your party guests may not feel comfortable eating from an open serving table, with multiple hands touching them. A viable solution to this is individual servings that have been pre-packed or prepared. 

          It sounds like a lot more work, doesn't it? But it really isn't. Most party food consists of individual servings already - all that you really need to do differently now post-covid, is instead of serving everything on one plate, place each serving into its own container. Some ideas are below:

          • cupcakes as opposed to one large cake
          • fruit, cookies and other snacks in paper cups or boxes
          • individually wrapped chocolates
          • individually wrapped ice creams/paddle pops/popsicles
          • ice cream cups
          • meals served in paper food trays
          • pre-packed picnic lunch
          • individually packed sandwiches/rolls
          • desserts in cups or glasses
          • individual cutlery and napkin packs
          • packaged drinks - bottled, canned or individual cartons


           party food

          party food

          party dinner

          party lunch

          6. Play Away

          Party games and activities are a big party of party entertainment. This is especially true of children's parties. 

          Many party games that immediately come to mind include touching. Think Pass the Parcel, Pin the Tail on the Donkey, Musical Chairs, relay races, treasure hunts...the list goes on. There are also other things like face painting and balloon twisting, both of which also involve hand-contact. 

          So what on earth can we do for party entertainment when we need to stay safe from Covid-19 and stay contact free?
          Below are some ideas that may help:

          • Non-contact games such as Simon Says or charades
          • trivia contest
          • dance off
          • individual races
          • treasure hunts with individual baskets or bags
          • individual activity stations for each guest with their own tools
          • stage for entertainers to keep their distance

          Individually packaged craft or activity items for each guest can double as party favours. Consider the following:

          • mini bubbles bottle
          • skipping rope
          • bunny hopper
          • hula hoop
          • ball and scoop
          • crayons/pencils/textas
          • spa kit
          • baking or cooking kit
          • yo-yo
          • puzzles

          Well, that concludes our tips for hosting a party post-Coronavirus. I hope these suggestions help you to create happy and safe parties with your loved ones, because life really is worth celebrating.

          And of course, when you're ready to party again, we've got you covered with our instant download, contact-free party printables. From printable invitations, to tableware and décor, to backdrops and printable games, you can easily and quickly get your party organised with The Digi Dame Party Shoppe. 

          Get started with our printable party invitations!

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          Happy Partying!


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