Troubleshooting Digi Dame Party Shoppe Party Printables


Using party printables for the very first time can be a little overwhelming, but at
The Digi Dame Party Shoppe we do our best to make your DIY party planning as quick and easy as possible.

Let's look at some issues that you may experience using our party printables, and see if we can address them here.

alice in wonderland printable party invitation template

I have downloaded my file but I cannot find it on my computer.
If you forgot to specify a destination folder when you downloaded, check your downloads folder. Files will generally download directly to this folder if no specific folder is chosen during the download process.

You can also try searching your computer for a PDF or ZIP file containing the name Digi Dame.

I cannot open my file .
Make sure you are trying to open your file in Adobe Reader, not your computer's default PDF viewer, as Digi Dame Party Shoppe files will not work with MAC's Preview or Window's Reader.

Also check that you have unzipped the folder first. For more details on how to do this, see our article on opening zipped folders here.

printable editable beer party invitation template

I have opened my file and it looks funny.
Make sure you have opened your file in Adobe Reader, not your computer's default PDF reader, as Digi Dame files will not work with MAC's Preview or Window's Reader.

Make sure you are using the latest version of Adobe Reader, as old versions will not work with our files.

I cannot edit the text .
Firstly, check that the file you are using is in fact an editable file, with highlighted text fields. Ensure that you are using the file on a desktop or laptop, as Digi Dame Party Shoppe files will not work on mobile devices and tablets.

When I edit the text the font shows up different.
You need to have the most recent version of Adobe Acrobat Reader in order for the correct fonts to be embedded, as embedded fonts will not work with earlier versions. You can download it free at

wild and free boho party invitation printable blue boys

My printer is changing the size of the file and it's not printing correctly.
In your printer options, choose Actual Size , rather than to Fit to page. This way, Digi Dame Party Shoppe files should print perfectly on both Letter and A4 sized paper.
My files autofill with the same information. Can I change this?
Some of my files, such as invitations, are designed to autofill, so you need only type in your information once. This saves you time and effort. But if you want to vary your information and want autofill turned off, we will need to amend the file for you, so please contact us.

I cannot insert any photographs.
Only text is editable in Digi Dame Party Shoppe printables.

western cowboy rodeo party printables

My file colors look different when I print.
Colors vary between monitors and printers. However you may want to check the following:
1. Print on matte photo paper or bright white card stock for best results. Make sure you have matched your paper type in your printer options.
2. Make sure your printer has plenty of ink.
3. Select the best quality print setting in your printer options.
4. Try choosing Print as Image on the Advanced tab.

My text is not printing.
This is a printer issue - try choosing Print as Image on the Advanced tab.

We hope this information helps to answer any problems you may have. If you require further help, please peruse our other blog articles and tutorials for more detailed instructions, and if you cannot find answers there, please reach out to us and we will gladly help.

Kind Regards,

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