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Planning and hosting your child's birthday party can feel overwhelming. Parents can often feel under pressure to deliver the picture-perfect celebration, worthy of a five-page spread on the latest celebrity style magazine. But fear not! At The Digi Dame Party Shoppe, we've got you covered.
We've created our very own guide to planning and hosting kids' birthday parties and we're giving it away! Yes, that's right - our kids' party guide is now on offer, absolutely free
The guide is a 90-page ebook, named Kids' Parties 101 - The Complete Birthday Party Guide.

This party guide takes you through every aspect of planning a child's birthday party, from setting the date and time, right through to sending your post-party thank yous. You will be gently guided through:

  • setting a date and time
  • selecting a venue
  • choosing a party theme
  • organising your guest list
  • everything about invitations
  • party ettiquette
  • party budgeting
  • party decorating
  • choosing and organising party entertainment
  • party catering and the cake
  • party scheduling
  • shopping lists and checklists
  • pre-party preparations
  • post-party recovery



 And much more! Best of all, it's all completely free!

Get your party organised with The Digi Dame Party Shoppe's


Kids' Parties 101

The Complete Birthday Party Guide


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This free party guide is the way to stress-free parties! Jam-packed with birthday party ideas, and inspiration, this ebook can help to take the worry and overwhelm out of your party planning. 

From the parent or carer planning a child's party for the very first time, or a seasoned party planner who is simply looking for a few extra ideas and inspiration, we're sure this guide to birthday parties will be a great resource for anyone who is planning a child's party. 


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Kids' Parties 101


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We hope this free book really helps to make your party planning much easier. We also hope that you gain some inspiration and are now very excited (and not nervous!) about planning your party!

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